Arizona: Based Chinaman Arrested for Spraying Swastikas on Hanukkah Decorations in Michigan

This is a big win for the Chinese people.

I’m very big on this big win.

The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, 27-year-old Jaifeng Chen was arrested in Arizona after he allegedly spray-painted swastikas on Hanukkah decorations and the wall outside of the Chabad of Kalamazoo in Michigan.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said that the FBI worked in coordination with other law enforcement agencies in Arizona to locate and ultimately arrest the Chinese national. He was also booked on an unrelated charge on Nov. 27, according to WTVB. Chen is now in federal custody.

They called in the FBI for petty vandalism, huh?

I wonder how often that happens when Jews aren’t involved.

It’s almost like these Jews are some kind of… untouchable ruling class?

No, that can’t be. They’re victims. We can’t criticize them. Especially with the Holocaust having been so recent.

Those piles of shoes…

In a statement to WWMT, police said, “The investigation into the incidents that occurred here in Kalamazoo is ongoing. Once complete, the investigation will be forwarded to the appropriate authority seeking charges.”

Officers said they “don’t know what his motivation was” in the act, but that he is also accused of spray painting other racist graffiti around Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Arcadia Commons campus.

Maybe he saw this and got mad?

“He was difficult to identify for us because he had no real ties to Kalamazoo,” said Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Dave Boysen. “He’d only been here for about a month. He’s kind of been all over the country.”

The vandalism took place on the night of Nov. 17 and the community immediately worked together to clean it up. Rabbi Haller told the outlet, “We do good things and positive things and in the long-run, the light prevails.”

“They’re not going to push us away…if anything, they’re going to make us stronger,” he said.

In a statement, Haller’s wife, Dobroshe said, “Thank you for the outpouring of love and support.” She added, “We will try to remove the graffiti and pray together for our brothers and sisters in the holy land and for peace everywhere; including here and Kalamazoo.”

See, the issue is: they all support Israel.

I mean, not every single one. But an overwhelming majority. Based on the data from about a month ago, it’s over 85% and possibly over 90% of American Jews that actively support Netanyahu’s behaviors in Gaza.

But the thing that makes everyone so angry is not just the slaughter, and the rallying around the slaughter, but the fact that these Jews who are exterminating their racial enemies in Israel tell Americans that they can’t even talk about other races in America.

These double standards the Jews have are absurd to everyone other than white people.

Chinese are not likely to be emotional, but I think this Gaza thing is getting to everyone.

China doesn’t have absolute free speech, but it does have much freer speech than we do