You Lost It, Brother: Hulk Hogan Marrying Used Up 45-Year-Old Single Mother

Hulk Hogan is marrying a 45-year-old woman with three kids?

Maybe I should just fucking kill myself?

New York Post:

The WWE legend, 69, has announced that he’s engaged to girlfriend Sky Daily, 45, at her best friend’s wedding over the weekend.

During his speech at actor Corin Nemec and his wife Sabrina Nova’s nuptials, Hogan revealed that he’s set to tie the knot with Daily after gifting her a diamond sparkler just three days prior over dinner.

“She was crazy enough to say ‘Yes’ brother,” he said, giving a nod to one of his signature catchphrases from his wrestling days, according to an Instagram video viewed by the Los Angeles Times.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, thanked the bride and groom for playing matchmaker and reuniting him with Daily after the pair met at a party a year ago.

The former six-time WWE champion said that Nova urged Hogan to call his soon-to-be wife after they first met when Hogan treated everyone to drinks, the outlet reported.

Daily came over to the former wrestler to thank him, and the pair’s romance was soon kickstarted.

Speaking to TMZ, Hogan admitted he was nervous before proposing to Daily inside a Tampa restaurant last week.

The ex-wrestler told the outlet that he’s fallen in love with Daily’s three children.

This is the most humiliating shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

Here’s the deal with women – they have two purposes:

  • Fucking
  • Producing progeny

These purposes, obviously, are closely related, because the definition of a woman is “a useless and demonic mass of flesh that surrounds a very valuable gooey hole.”

Given what a woman is, you can interact with them in three ways:

  • Produce children with them inside of marriage
  • Have sex with them for money (cash money, on the barrelhead, son – none of this “pick her up on Tinder” bullshit; pick her up on Instagram DMs or just go to the Ukraine any of the countries where Ukrainian women fled to)
  • Keep them out of your life completely

Those are the only three options.

(I have to note: sex outside of marriage, even prostitution, is a sin, and something you should try not to do. But it is what it is.)

If you’re 70 years old, just ignoring women completely is probably a good option. But if you’re going to get married, marry a young bitch, and have kids. Don’t entertain this faggot tripe about “oh, if I’m 70 and I have kids, I will die when they are still young.” Here’s a neat fact, retard: throughout all of history, huge numbers of men died when their kids were still young, from disease, war, and yes, old age. Don’t even think about that.

Real niggas keep it real. NO OLD BITCHES, BROTHER.

Especially if you’ve got older sons, they will play the father role. Every man wants a young brother. If you’re a millennial, you probably have a divorced dad. Wouldn’t you rather him marry some young bitch and give you a new brother, than not do that? Certainly, you’d rather him do that than marry some old ass skank who is going to do nothing at all for you other than cut into your inheritance (or maybe just take it all).

But it’s the same whatever your age: you have the three options. I don’t blame any young men for being incels. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is a totally valid life choice, and only women and feminized mommy-slave men will attack you over it.

Because that is what this is all about: mommy.

That is what the Hulkster wants. He wants a mommy.

Men, who are broken, need this approval of women, because they are attached to the relationship they had with mommy. They need a woman running their lives, because they never understood what it means to be a man.

You have to get over your mommy. You have to get over the need for a woman. You do not need a woman. Women only offer two things. That’s it. Nothing about your life will be better with a woman in it. They can’t even cook – that is an absolute myth. Everything they supposedly can do – cleaning and… well, and sex – you can pay someone to do for you with all the money you can make while you’re not wasting time dealing with women.

The Hulkster was an icon of white masculinity. Now he’s a mopey cuckold.

Basically, we need to ask: did the “white masculinity” of the last four decades have a little bit too much to do with anabolic steroids?

It seems this has really caused some problems as these men age. You really can’t mess with your hormone system like that and expect to maintain normal masculinity.

That is, of course, a whole other story (which I need to write more about, because I’m the only one writing about it).

The bottom line is: if emotions – including sexual infatuation, which is an emotion – has anything to do with the decisions you make about women, you are completely fucked, and you are going to spend your entire life with some whore on your neck, sucking your blood.

You need to make decisions about women – like all other decisions you make – based on logic and reason. If you want to have kids, find a woman who works for that purpose, then set everything up assuming the worst case scenario (PROTECT YOUR MONEY). If you want to have sex, figure that out logically.

Life is very short.

You have to keep it real, brother.

Deal with your shit.

Deal with mommy.

Become a man.

Don’t go around emotional, looking for mommy to come along and save you. Because mommy will come along. But she will not be there to save you. She will be there to drink your blood with a paper straw.