You Won’t Hear a Peep About the Black Guy Stabbing Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2019

Someone with the handle @TrumpJew made a bold prediction about the Hanukkah stabbing.

But here we are – hearing a whole lot of peeps.

The top news on every website is this story. Even though no one even died.

@TrumpJew is right that you do hear six million times more about these things when the attackers are white. Even if the victims are Jews, if the attackers are black, the story goes away faster.

But when the victims are Jews, they make sure you hear about it – even if the attackers are black.

If this had been a story of a black guy breaking into a Christian home and stabbing five people during Christmas, you literally would not hear about it at all. It would only be in the local news, and maybe in the Race War section of the Daily Stormer (if we caught it – we miss most of them, because there is just no easy way to track them).

What they do when Jews are killed by blacks is try to not show pictures of the attacker, and sort of vaguely imply it was a white person, and then mostly talk about “rising anti-Semitism” in a general way, and sort of blame the internet or melted Swiss, roasted mushroom and caramelized onion burgers or something.

But make no mistake about it: Jews are still very special, their lives are still considered more important than anyone else’s, and when something bad happens to them, you’re going to hear a whole lot about it.

It was international news last week when a black slapped some Jews.

That’s a British tabloid reporting it.

So, the lifespan of the “Black Jason” story will be shorter than if it had been a white guy.

But they’re going to make sure that every person on earth hears about it.