YZY RAV3: Ye Throws a Rave Party Making Satanic Mockery of Christianity

Is this the new “YE24” energy?

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Through his fashion brand YEEZY, rapper and alleged presidential candidate Ye (formerly Kanye West) threw a rave party entitled “YZY RAV3” last night which featured themes mocking Christianity.

Nearly nude women wore various crosses, with black crosses on their foreheads clearly designed as a bastardization of the Ash Wednesday cross which Christians have put on their forehead by a priest on the first day of Lent.

This is for sure not what I signed up for

It was a private party, but some videos and photographs of a sexed-up drug party have been posted on social media.

Yeezy Models Tanner Alexander and Chey Anderson both posted photos on Instagram of themselves wearing the bastardized Christian symbol.

Several more photos were released of the event, featuring mostly nude women covering their breasts with white crosses, as well as creepy candlelit scenes reminiscent of seances.

Photos also show fruit between the candles, and when you include the nude women, this is clearly a a tribute to ancient pagan rites (that’s if we’re being generous – if we’re being less generous, there is really no difference between a recreation of a pagan ceremony to ancient demon gods and an actual ceremony).

Obviously, I have no idea what Ye’s involvement in this party was. We have no idea what is going on with Ye, because we don’t hear from him. But the “rave” did happen; several of these accounts posting the images are official models for YEEZY.

It’s easy to confirm that these are official accounts.

Here you can see Chey Anderson recently modeling a YEEZY “unisex t-shirt” (with disgusting visible nipples, which frankly also do not really fit into the Ye brand that I was being sold in fall of last year).

Maybe Ye didn’t know about the party. Typically, he plans these parties himself, and designs the themes.

As anyone who has followed him is aware, this sort of thing would not be out of the ordinary for Ye a few years ago, when much of his material was hypersexualized and contained strange or offensive “shock” imagery that was widely celebrated by the fashion industry.

Of course, as everyone knows, we were sold the idea that Ye had gone through a Christian conversion, and this would affect everything he did, from his music, to his fashion, to his political activities. In fact, during the fall of last year, when he was doing various forms of interviews every day, he talked about not wanting his models appearing in sexualized imagery.

So, that’s apparently not the policy anymore.

Interestingly, news of this “rave” comes the same day that Adidas announced that they are going to be selling their back stock of Yeezy merchandise. Originally, the stock was to be destroyed because it couldn’t be sold without giving Ye his cut of the profits. They are saying they are going to give some portion of the profits to charity.

This clearly implies some kind of deal was made. It seems extremely unlikely that Adidas would do a u-turn on this without some assurances that Ye isn’t going to go out and start talking about Jews again.

There have also been rumors that Ye is in talks with Adidas about actually returning to the company and making new products, and an agreement to sell the back stock could be seen as a first step in that direction. Any new contract he would sign would obviously be very tight about the things he’s allowed to say in public.

All of this certainly tells me that I did the right thing by distancing myself from the YE24 campaign this week.