Zelensky Fears Israel Conflict Taking Spotlight – Reminds Everyone He Still Needs Money

This is a headline I have been waiting for since it was first announced that “Israel” had been invaded.

I was actually surprised that Zelensky came out so strongly in favor of Israel, since there has been this back-and-forth between the two Jewish states as they bicker over who should get the most money from America.

(I also initially wondered if Zelensky wasn’t damaging his own brand by supporting Israel, as he’s framed himself as a leftist “anal warrior,” but it now seems clear that this “chopping off babies’ heads” thing is going to more or less totally destroy leftist support for Palestine. You’re just never going to get anyone to support chopping off babies’ heads.)

But we all knew, for a fact, that at some point, Zelensky was going to make a big spectacle telling everyone to remember that he needs money the most.

“First visit to NATO HQ since the start of the war” is a nice dramatic touch. (The media has yet to explain how this guy can just fly in and out of a war zone while Putin is banned from South Africa.)

The Guardian:

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has said he fears that the aftermath of Hamas’s attack on Israel and US politics could threaten military support for his country, as he made a surprise visit to Brussels where Nato defence ministers are meeting.

“I want to be honest with you, of course it is a dangerous situation for people in Ukraine,” he said on his first visit to Nato headquarters since Russia’s 2022 invasion, making an in-person plea for continued assistance at a time when turbulence in the US Congress threatens to disrupt aid for Kyiv and the world’s attention is drawn to the crisis unfolding in the Middle East.

Zelenskiy called for more weapons and air defences to tide his country through another winter of Russian attacks likely to target power stations and energy infrastructure.

But as the US defence secretary, Lloyd Austin, announced a fresh $200m (£162m) military contribution to Ukraine, Zelenskiy suggested Hamas’s attack on Israel at the weekend could be among the factors posing a risk to his country’s defence against Russia.

If there are other tragedies in the world, there is only a certain amount of military support to share, and Russia hopes that support will be divided,” Zelenskiy told reporters at the Belgian parliament.

You’re a Russian agent if you support Israel.


“There will be challenges with the American elections, and I talked to our partners and they said the support will stay, but who can tell that the support will stay, nobody knows.”

Austin said both allies will be supported. “We can do both and we will do both,” he said at the Nato meeting. “The United States will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

Of course you can!

America can do anything!

That’s why they call it U-S-A!

Presumably, this is a good jumping-off point for the West. One might even wonder if it was planned that way. When you combine it with the overthrow of McCarthy, there is a long enough list of excuses and distractions.

But hey – I’ve been looking for the West to jump off for a long time, so who knows.

Obviously, that’s a prediction that is going to have to come true sooner or later, because if something can’t go on forever, it won’t, and the Ukraine can’t keep fighting Russia forever.

At the start of the Ukraine war, there were two options:

  • Total Ukrainian surrender
  • Total NATO war against Russia

It’s still the exact same situation today. The war, thus far, has not meant anything at all. It’s just a bizarre performance of mass death and destruction, apparently purely for the sake of the spectacle.

There are some theories about the Jake Sullivan agenda being to drag out the status quo of the war until after the 2024 election, at which point the US will commit troops. In this situation, you’re talking about a multiple-front war involving Iran/Israel/[the entire Middle East] and Taiwan as well as the Ukraine. That’s called a “world war.”

Russia is allied with Iran and Syria (as well as, to some extent, Lebanon, Palestine, etc.), so even if the US abandons the Ukraine and pivots toward the Middle East, they’re still going to be fighting Russia.