Israel Says Military Killed 4 People Trying to Enter from Lebanon

UPDATE: Israel still has not invaded anyone.

They are still saying they’re going to, but they have not done so yet.

New York Post:

Israel’s military said it killed four people who had tried to cross the fence bordering Lebanon and plant an explosive device on Tuesday, as violence ignited by the war between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas rumbled on at the frontier.

An Israeli army statement did not say where the incident took place.

The heavily armed, Iran-backed Hezbollah group has been trading fire with Israeli forces along the border on a near daily basis, in the most serious escalation at the frontier since a major war 17 years ago.

If you Jews don’t do something, you’re going to have a lot more than four people entering from Lebanon.

The entire Islamic world is seeing a “go” signal as you Jews hesitate.

And the whole world is with them.

The whole world wants to see you Jews wiped out.

You’d better do something.

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