Zelensky Receives Oscar! And Everyone Clapped!

What an incredible picture. Sean Penn’s Jew face gets more Jewish by the hour. Why is he roided to the nines? Who is that for? He is 62.

Zelensky really is a hero. He influences me a lot. When I feel glum, I think “look at this man – he is 4’11”, he’s addicted to drugs, he’s stupid, he’s fat, he wears sports clothing in a professional setting, and he has a very ugly Jew face – but he got the whole world to serve him! What an inspiration!”


Hollywood star Sean Penn has once again visited Ukraine and exchanged gifts with President Vladimir Zelensky, telling his “great friend” to hold on to his Oscar until Ukraine defeats Russia.

“This is for you… When you win, bring it back to Malibu. I’ll feel much better knowing a piece of me is here,” Penn told Zelensky, according to a video shared by the president’s office on Tuesday. “It’s just a symbolic silly thing, but if I know this is here with you then I’ll feel better and stronger for the fight.”

An actor-turned-politician, Zelensky returned the favor by presenting Penn with the Order of Merit for “significant contribution to the popularization of Ukraine in the world.” Penn has been vocal in his support for Ukraine and has repeatedly called on the international community to send more aid to Kiev.

It’s very symbolic, clearly, to have this Jew actor “receiving an Oscar” for his performance in a totally fake war staged by the media. Ukraine Democracy War is literally a Hollywood production. These people are bombing random apartment buildings, they had a satanic neo-Nazi cult out slaughtering people before Russia killed them all, they are torturing POWs, and the entire conflict is about their “right” to slaughter people in the Donbass and put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border – and the media says they’re the best people who ever lived on the entire earth.

This Ukraine conflict is number 43 on a Wikipedia list of “Post-Soviet Conflicts,” and yet we’re told that it is a great civilizational struggle (as opposed to a relatively meaningless border skirmish relating to really causally created 1990s borders). Of course, they’ve really turned it into a great civilizational skirmish, and if the Jews win, all our kids are going tranny. If Russia falls, there will be nowhere to hide your son’s dick from the dick-choppers.

Everything is so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe any of it is actually happening. I go to the mirror ten times per day to check my pupils to make sure I’m not on acid.

“Ziz iz no dreaym, Androo. No yacid treap. Yoor heare.”

I’m so tired.