Zelensky Shill Claims Funding the War is a Really Good Deal for the US

Everyone was like “wow, Zelensky didn’t even beg for money at the WEF.”

Turns out, he sent his shill to do it.


The cost of supporting Ukraine’s troops as a proxy force against Russia is miniscule compared to the overall US military budget, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said, arguing that such a security investment benefits the US military industrial complex.

Unlike other “allies” of Washington, Kiev is not even asking for American troops on the ground, Kuleba argued in an interview with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“We kind of offer the best deal on the global market of security… Give us the weapons, give us the money, and we will finish the job,” Kuleba stated. “So you save the most important, you save the lives of your soldiers.”


“Finish the job” means “conquer Crimea.”

With what army, faggot???

The women you’re planning to draft?? You’re going to invade Crimea with an army of women??

At this point, the Ukrainians are just trying to get as much money as possible before a rug-pull when they flee the country.

The Ukrainian diplomat also claimed that Kiev “does not steal any money from American taxpayers,” arguing that “the sum of money allocated to Ukraine is to say the least a very little part” of the US military budget.

Moreover, a vast amount of this money stays in the United States because it is invested in the production of weapons that go then to Ukraine,” he told reporters, adding that “it needs to be explained to the American taxpayers that their communities benefit from it.”

Wait, is that how money works? 

Russia has estimated that Kiev has received more than $203 billion in foreign assistance since the outbreak of the conflict. The US alone has sent Kiev over $75 billion, including more than $45 billion in direct military aid, representing 5% of the Pentagon’s proposed 2024 budget.

Moscow has also repeatedly accused the US and its allies of using the Ukraine crisis to wage a “proxy war” against Russia and turning the battlefield into a testing ground for Western military equipment. Even the Pentagon and a former UK defense secretary have referred to Ukraine as a “battle lab” and a “military innovation laboratory.”

It’s definitely a laboratory.

And the big scientific discovery is that Western missile defense systems are totally useless against a swarm of shitty cheap Chinese quadcopters.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The rifle makes every man tall.” Just so, the quadcopter gives every resistance group an air force.

In terms of things discovered that help the US in its global war… I don’t know. Maybe they’ll discover that women make really good fighters.

I’ve seen this theory put forward in entertainment media films.

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