Zimbabwe Blacks Threaten to Dig Up the Bones of Cecil Rhodes

Daily Stormer
March 26, 2015

But... Cecil was only trying to help?
But… Cecil was only trying to help?

Savages use placards.  Civilized men dig up people’s graves.

The Telegraph:

The grave of Cecil Rhodes in Zimbabwe could be dug up after anti-colonial protests.

Rhodes is buried at a site he chose, known as World’s View, in the Matopos Hills, half-an-hour’s drive south of Zimbabwe’s second city Bulawayo. His grave is a major tourist attraction in one of the poorest parts of Zimbabwe.

But some of President Robert Mugabe’s supporters said they would dig up the grave in solidarity with protests in South Africa calling for the removal of Rhodes’s statue from Cape Town University.

“We strongly support what is happening in South Africa. We cannot stand seeing whites coming from abroad every day to honour and conduct rituals before their ancestor who is buried on our own land,” said Zweli Malinga, an official with the ruling Zanu PF party in Bulawayo.

They are just the same as us. Exactly the same in every way. Just different skin pigment.

Say what you will about Rhodes.  Digging up a man's bones is not appropriate.
Say what you will about Rhodes. Digging up a man’s bones is not appropriate.