Zoe Quinn Drives Man to Suicide with Fake Sexual Abuse Allegations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2019

This is what a victim looks like, goy. 

Zoe Quinn triggered #gamergate in 2014 after it was discovered that she was sleeping with gaming journalists in order to get good reviews for her crappy fake video games.

Now, hard-up for cash, she’s returned to kill a man with accusations of walking her by the pussy.

If this doesn’t cause gamers to rise up, then I don’t know what will.

Longtime Zoe Quinn fansite The Ralph Retort is on the case:

Zoe Quinn, former nude model, failed game developer, successful scammer, and professional victim is back for a new hashtag movement. Not #GamerGate or #GamerGate2.0, but instead #ZoeBodyCount. She has decided to screw the optics, go in, subscribe to PewDiePie, and embrace infamy by publicly leveling unsubstantiated claims of sexual and emotional abuse against a real game developer, Alec Holowka of Night in the Woods fame.

We here at TheRalphRetort.com are confident that these claims are in no way related to the fact that her Patreon earnings are down significantly, the rumors that she spent all $80,000 of her Kickstarter money a year ago while vacationing in Japan, and is allegedly broke. All of these financial difficulties are in spite of her landing jobs at IDW Publishing and Marvel Comics, where she is currently writing for Hellcat instead of the more apt Black Widow. Feeling that her new jobs and supplementary $1,000 a month in Patreon bucks would not be enough to keep her in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to, she demonstrated the skills of her profession by levying serious allegations that will permanently alter the life of another human being on Twitter dot com.

Her most prominent abuse allegation was that Mr. Holowka grabbed her by the pussy and used it to lead her around their shared Winnipeg apartment. As the week continued, in a scenario that in no way mirrors the fraudulent #KickVic or Andy Signore cancel callouts, colleagues of the Unburnt Witch Ms. Quinn came forward to “corroborate” her claims while refusing to provide any actual evidence.

The ensuing firestorm and pieces from artificial consensus manufacturing outlets like Newsweek, Vice, The Daily Dot, and The Verge led to Holowka being removed from the studio he co-founded. Being fired from his own company, having his name publicly dragged through the mud, and with a history of abuse and mental illness, he unfortunately decided to pull an Etika.

“Pulling an Etika” means “an hero,” which means suicide. The poor bastard killed himself because he was being harassed by this terrible wench.


Alec Holowka, co-creator of the Night in the Woods video game, has died.

His sister Eilieen Mary Holowka has confirmed the news on Twitter saying he “spent a lifetime battling mood and personality disorders”.

Local Canadian police in Winnipeg are continuing to investigate the details of what happened.

It follows recent claims that he had physically and emotionally abused a female games designer.

The co-creators of Night in the Woods, Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry, had distanced themselves from him after the abuse allegations came out.

Yeah, his own co-workers threw him directly under the bus.

Needless to say, the fact that the man accused suicided isn’t working out too well for Zoe.

She’s already deleted her Twitter and gone into hiding (something which she would have done a long time ago if she had any basic dignity).

This proves that #MeToo hoaxers need to be careful – they stand to profit greatly from their hoaxes, but if the man kills himself, there is a major backlash and they are not likely to make much money or gain much sympathy. They end up just appearing as they are: pure evil.

Alex Holowka was a beta bitch, faggot looking guy.

Because he is unattractive and non-masculine, he works as a victim of this scam. Maybe no one can picture that guy going Donald Trump on Steroids Mode and taking “grab em by the pussy” to the level of “walk em by the pussy,” but no one cares to defend him and so the pile-on begins.

The metoo hoax cannot be played on handsome men, because people will just be like “bitch you wanted that, don’t tell me you didn’t.” So women know not to accuse handsome men.

But if beta males are just going to off themselves as soon as you accuse them of walking you around by the pussy, then what are your options?

Women cannot be successful in any industry if they are not able to sleep with men and then accuse men of sexual impropriety. It is literally the only card in their deck.

If these men are simply going to kill themselves as soon as that bitch opens her mouth and starts jabbering about the pussy walk, this could be the complete and total end of women in gaming.