ZOG Admits Anti-Houthi Strikes are a Total Waste of Time, Failing Completely, No Solutions

The Houthis say, “We are not among those who fear America. Our stance is only for Allah.”

You give me 10,000 white men with 120+ IQs who say, “We are not among those who fear America. Our stance is only for Jesus,” and I will burn down the world and build a new one.


The Biden administration is struggling to stop the ongoing attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis against ships in the Red Sea and the group is continuing to fortify its weapons stockpile inside Yemen, even though the US has carried out significant strikes on the group in recent weeks, US officials told CNN.

The bombings don’t work. They just make things worse.

All the Bidens are doing is hardening the resolve of the Houthis – as well as everyone else in the region.

The Congress should hold a joint session showing of John Wick.

Murdering his dog didn’t make him surrender.

It made him strap up and kill everyone.

You know?

“We know that the Houthis maintain a large arsenal,” Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said on Thursday, hours after the Houthis hit yet another cargo vessel in the Gulf of Aden with ballistic missiles. “They are very capable, they have sophisticated weapons, and that’s because they continue to get them from Iran.”

A Pentagon spokesman. America has become a parody of a parody of incoherent absurdism. Imagine being a Houthi in an underground base fixing up your drones and watching a video of this Indian woman threatening to destroy you. Would you laugh or just shake your head and massage the bridge of your nose?

US officials have been grappling with how to increase the pressure on the Houthis, with some inside the administration arguing that the use of force alone is not working. It is also extremely expensive and impractical, some officials note, to keep firing multimillion-dollar missiles at cheap Houthi drones and missiles.

How is it possible no one planned for this?

Frankly, I need to write a big post about what exactly these drones mean. I’ve read a lot of Substacks about it, and have a pretty good grasp of the issue. The basic matter is that the entire system of American warfare is now totally obsolete.

Here’s the analogy of the way this works: imagine you’re attacked by a swarm of bees, and your response is to start firing a 9mm handgun at them. That is exactly what is going on with the American response to drone warfare.

The single most incredible part of all is that the US is not capable of acknowledging the situation. This recent series of comments (we’re quoting CNN, but they were in the Post and presumably the Times as well) are the first official statements being like “yeah you can’t stop a swarm of bees with a handgun.”

Drones have changed warfare in the same way that Russians changed warfare when they started shipping AK-47s around the world. Except it’s more extreme. The Houthis are not sophisticated, and it is simply a matter of fact that they can hold out indefinitely against the United States.

The US, some argue, now needs to shift to a stronger international pressure campaign and better underscore how the attacks are impeding humanitarian aid shipments to vulnerable populations—including the people of Yemen.


Have you seen the parades in the streets of America after the ZOG bombings started?

You’re going to do a propaganda campaign to tell them the Houthis are the bad guys? As you continue bombing their country?

The Houthis are very concerned with their domestic public image, officials said, and have tried to cast themselves as scrappy underdogs fighting for the betterment of Palestinian lives and an end to Israel’s war in Gaza. While the Houthis are not very popular in the areas of Yemen they control, the Palestinian cause itself is popular amongst Yemenis, officials noted.

Citation needed.

At the same time, the Houthis also crave international legitimacy, officials said, and want to be recognized as the official Yemeni government. They have fought for that for years as part of a civil war against a Saudi coalition that backs Yemen’s internationally recognized government.

Some senior officials inside the administration therefore believe that the Houthis would keep their word and stop their attacks if Israel ended its war in Gaza, something some former officials privately say is wishful thinking.

Of course they would.

They want legitimacy but they’re going to do an American-style backstab?

Are you retarded?

Publicly, the administration has repeatedly downplayed the Houthis’ claims that they are attacking ships as a way to pressure Israel into a ceasefire, noting that most of the targets have no ties at all to Israel or its allies.

That’s a lie. Iranian, Russian, and Chinese ships are allowed through, and everyone else with ships going through there is an ally of the US, which is the core ally of Israel and the enabler of their slaughter.

They are not just hitting random ships. That stupid narrative has been pushed for weeks now, and it is just an easily demonstrable lie.

Privately, however, some senior officials concede it is entirely possible the Houthis will stop if Israel does—and they point to the fact that the Houthi attacks largely subsided in November during a 7-day pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas.


The only solution to the Houthi Red Sea is an Israeli surrender.

Everyone knows that.