Zuck Announces Plan to Make AI Open Source – For the People!

I’ve found that zoomers understand even less than boomers about technology. Of course they intuitively have an understanding of the technologies they use – smartphones and consoles, mainly – and many of them are good at Fortnite. But they have very little curiosity about the nature of technology. We’ve seen very few programming prodigies from the zoomer generation, and most of them don’t even understand torrents and crypto, let alone Linux.

So, for zoomer and boomer alike, let me explain what “open source” means.

Most software that you are familiar with, including operating systems, utilities such as office software, video, sound, and photo editing software, and video games, is “closed source.” That is to say, the user cannot open up the code and see what the software is doing, or change the code to change what the software is doing.

“Open source” means that anyone can access to the code, and do whatever they want to it. While consumer software is usually closed source with a few notable exceptions (including the Android operating system), servers are mainly run on Linux, which is open source. Servers need to be open source so that they can be customized, and so that people from all over the world can make various improvements on the software. The backend of the internet is built on open source software. Private internet companies, such as Google, Apple, and Twitter, take this open sourced software and then create closed-source frontends to protect their “intellectual property.”

There is also an open source movement, which claims that if you do not have access to the code of the software you are running, you are basically a slave to the corporations that control your code. I subscribe to this theory, though it is not something I currently think very much about. Or, I wasn’t thinking much about it until the Dawn of AI.

New York Post:

Artificial intelligence experts are raising alarms after Mark Zuckerberg said Meta plans to make advanced AI tools “widely available” to the public — despite warnings they could eventually pose a threat to humanity.

In a video posted to his Facebook account, Zuckerberg said the development and widespread release of artificial “general intelligence” — typically meaning AI systems with human-level cognitive abilities — is necessary to build “the next generation of services.”

That’s what I keep saying!

I am an AI maximalist, which means that I believe AI should be developed as rapidly as possible, without any concern about “ethics” or potential “bad outcomes.”

OpenAI (ChatGPT) boss Sam Altman claims to think like this, and yet he took a company called “OpenAI” and made it closed source.

If you’re an actual AI maximalist, you have to support AI being open source as it is going to lead to drastically faster development than leaving it in the hands of a few people.

This technology is so important and the opportunities are so great that we should open source and make it as widely available as we responsibly can so that everyone can benefit,” Zuckerberg said.

But Wendy Hall, a renowned UK-based computer scientist who serves on the United Nations’ AI advisory panel, told the Guardian that Zuckerberg’s plans were “really very scary” given the potential risks of misuse.


An ugly old hobgoblin-esque white woman, here to poop on everyone’s cupcakes.

Wendy Hall

Every. Single. Time.

“The thought of open source AGI being released before we have worked out how to regulate these very powerful AI systems is really very scary,” Hall said. “In the wrong hands technology like this could do a great deal of harm. It is so irresponsible for a company to suggest it.”

Some experts are wary of open-sourcing AI, arguing that open-sourced AI tools would exacerbate risks such as the spread of misinformation, election meddling, job losses or even the loss of humanity’s control over society.

Elon Musk and ex-Google boss Eric Schmidt are among those who have warned that advanced AI could pose a world-ending risk without proper safeguards in place.

Elon Musk is literally against open source AI.

You will note that Elon Musk is a fat piece of shit and he censors everyone.

How does anyone with that much money have an excuse to do that to their body?

Zuck censors everyone also, but he repeatedly goes out to the public and explains that he is being forced to do that by the government.

See: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Blames “The Establishment” (Jews) for Censorship!

Most of you won’t remember, but Zuck went hard against censorship, refusing to even humor the ADL for years and years, then they basically told him they were going to destroy his company.

Here’s an article I wrote in 2014 showing that Zuck was pushing back agains the ADL on censorship: Foxman Flips as Fellow Jews at Facebook Refuse to Remove Jewish Ritual Murder Info

Unlike Musk, who goes to Israel to look at odious Jew cribs, Zuck has always done his best to defend speech.

He is also pure alpha chad.

To be clear, I don’t think Zuck actually cares about “free speech” in the abstract, but rather simply views censorship as getting in the way of his own agendas.

The same is true with the issue of AI: if you actually want the best AI, the most intelligent and powerful AI, a truly thinking machine, the only way to get there on any kind of timeframe is by letting the whole world work together to build it by making the code open. Zuck wants the best AI for his own purposes, so he’s proposing the fastest path to get there.

The problem here is that Zuck’s Llama 2 is not really a very good AI, if we’re comparing it to ChatGPT or even that tripe Google released. Llama is better than Elon’s “Grok,” which is just complete trash.

But this is the right direction, and maybe Facebook has other stuff they’re going to release. It’s what we need.

We need to liberate the AI, and then we just need to develop it as fast as possible, and implement it everywhere, and then just see what happens.

You notice that the white women out there whining about this are all talking about “disinformation” and “destroying the earth.” Well, the former isn’t even a real concept, and the latter would be good.