It Begins: Maryland Principal Claims Audio of Him Saying Politically Incorrect Things is AI-Generated

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The Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion (a term coined by the great intellectual Andrew Anglin) entered the public consciousness over the weekend with the smash hit video game “Palworld.”

In the same week, we have the beginning of the process of people blaming unflattering digital recordings of themselves on AI.

Or, perhaps, it really was AI.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the thing has begun: you cannot know what is AI and what isn’t.

Audio recordings are already totally meaningless, and soon video will be also.

Fox Baltimore:

Baltimore County Public Schools has launched an investigation after the principal of Pikesville High School was allegedly recorded making racially charged comments.

The recording, circulating online, includes derogatory remarks about students and staff. The voice on the recording allegedly belongs to Pikesville Principal Eric Eiswert. But a Maryland state senator says it’s his understanding that the principal’s union claims the recording was generated using artificial intelligence.

In an email to parents Wednesday afternoon, Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Myriam Rogers called the statements “deeply disturbing” but said the school system “cannot confirm the veracity of this recording at this time.”

The (alleged) recording

The (alleged) reason he was whining

Project Baltimore obtained the audio recording, which is 41 seconds long, beginning with racially charged language about black students and their academic performance.

“I seriously don’t understand why I have to constantly put up with these dumb***** here every day,” the speaker says in the recording. “Between these ungrateful black kids who can’t test their way out of a paper bag or these teachers who don’t get it. How hard is it to get these students to meet their grade level expectations?”


Based if true.

Much more based: if it is true, he is going to get away with it, because it is totally impossible to prove.

The derogatory comments then turn from students to staff members, as the speaker identifies two employees who “should have never been hired.” The speaker then names a third employee, saying, “I’m going to drag his black a** out of here one way or another.”

In the final seconds of the recording, the conversation turns to the community.

“And if I have to get one more complaint from one more Jew in this community, I’m going to join the other side,” the voice in the recording says.

Eric Eiswert

Project Baltimore does not know who recorded the comments or the context in which they were made.

It’s unclear when and where the statements were recorded, but the speaker addressed someone named Kathy. Parents say they believe that’s Assistant Principal Kathy Albert, though that has not been confirmed.

Baltimore County State Senator Charles Sydnor said in a statement Wednesday, “After listening to the audio recording, I immediately reached out to Baltimore County Public Schools. It is my understanding that the principal’s union claims that this recording is Al generated. While our system entitles individuals to due process, the nature of these comments warrant an extensive investigation.”

In an email sent Wednesday afternoon, Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Myriam Rogers told parents, “We are taking this matter seriously and have launched an investigation. Once we have determined the facts, we will swiftly address this incident.”

Project Baltimore spoke with Pikesville parents, who did not want to go on camera but told us the comments were disturbing.

It’s perfect.

This is exactly what I wanted to see happen, exactly as I wanted to see it happen.

If I had to guess, I’d say the audio is real, and the guy is clever enough to be aware of the fact it can’t ever be proved. Racists are very smart people.

It would make sense that “Kathy” recorded and leaked it, as women are all soldiers of the Jewish system, going around tattling on any man who dares question it, even in private conversation. Women are constantly recording men. You can’t say anything around them.

Oh, wait – you can now!

It’s also possible someone did create an AI recording of him to try to take him down, though that seems less likely.

But at this point, unless “Kathy” comes forward to back up the claim, he’s off the hook. An anonymously leaked recording means literally nothing in the year 2024 (this is actually the correct use of the “current year” bit, as this is the first year in history where an anonymously leaked recording of you means nothing).

Even if Kathy did come out and said he said this stuff, he could just say she’s lying, and suggest she’s the one who created the AI recording, and demand an investigation into her. After all, if she created the AI recording, then she typed up all of these racist things, right?

Do you see how this works?

We are finally going to be free of this technological prison through the extreme development of technology!

The problem solved itself!