12-Year-Old Girl Dies of Fentanyl Overdose, 16-Year-Old Charged with Murder

I didn’t know what an M-30 pill was, and I just Googled it – sorry, I DuckDucked it – and found out it’s a low power oxycodone pill, like Vicodin or Percocet.

It’s not surprising that a 12-year-old would want some of this, what with our current situation. What else has she got going on? Probably not too much, frankly. Girls don’t play video games, and all normal socialization activities are banned in California due to the virus hoax.

Of course, it is now routine procedure to press fake pills with fentanyl, because fentanyl is so much cheaper.

Add to that the fact that very coincidentally during the rise of fentanyl, the government finally started cracking down on pill mills distributing prescription painkillers onto the streets. I was of course against distributing these pharma pills, but you have to wonder about the timing there, no?

New York Post:

A teenage drug dealer in California was charged with murder Tuesday after selling fentanyl to a 12-year-old girl who fatally overdosed.

The suspect, whose name was not released because he is 16-years-old, sold the victim the powerful opioid in 2020, Santa Clara prosecutors said in a press release. She died after ingesting a portion of a single pill, officials said.

The girl had allegedly asked the suspect for an “M-30” pill, an oxycodone pain reliever that is far less powerful than fentanyl.

She then crushed the pill and snorted some of it as her friends recorded a video, before passing out and snoring — “a telltale sign” of a fentanyl overdose, officials said. She was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.

Ingesting just 0.002 grams of the drug results in “certain death,” according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics.

Fentanyl was a factor in more than half of US drug overdoses.  It killed some 42,700 people in 2020, the agency said.

In theory, a tiny amount of fentanyl might not be that much different from a regular dose of an oxycodone pill.

The problem is, it’s virtually impossible to measure fentanyl because it is so small. You also have the fact that in pressing these pills, you’re mixing up a batch of fentanyl and then pressing them, and it’s going to be very difficult to evenly distribute the fentanyl across the pills.

I’m not sure what there really is to say about this at this point. Just as we’ve talked about the fact that we can’t really expect millennials to not be lazy, worthless slobs, it’s not logical to expect 12-year-olds not to be doing drugs.

With millennials, at least it was possible that they might find a mentor, and get involved in some kind of meaningful work. I know a few like that. They still have the woman problem, but at least they can work.

With the virus generation – what do you do? This girl was 10 when the virus hoax started, so her entire pubescent period thus far has been spent in lockdown mask world.

We’ve doomed an entire generation of youth, ostensibly to save obese people in their 70s and 80s from dying from the flu.