13-Year-Old Frenchman the Youngest Foreigner to Die for ISIS

Daily Stormer
March 12, 2015


These wacky old French people and their baguettes, berets and dying for Allah. What a bunch of jokers.


Abu Bakr al-Faransi, 13, was reportedly killed two months ago in Syria. He was shot dead while defending a frontier post against the Syrian Army in the region of Homs, Radio France International said.

His two brothers are also thought to have been killed in Syria.

The angelic-faced teenager was pictured on social media brandishing an AK 47, and holding up his index finger in an Islamist salute. He also appeared in a video with another young boy, in which the pair ran through the streets of a Syrian town, heavily armed. The video has since been taken down.

The news was first reported on March 9 by David Thomson, a Tunisia-based journalist.

He said: “Comment from an Islamic State source: ‘He was a good young guy. Determined. I liked him a lot. This news makes me pleased. I’m happy for him.'”

Abu Bakr and his family were originally from the troubled Strasbourg district of Ampère, according to Europe 1.

He arrived in Syria in August 2014 with his parents, his brother Nadir and sisters.

The family had reportedly travelled there in a camper van to recover the body of Mohamed, Abu Bakr’s other brother, who had left in March of that year, but was dead four months later.

So yeah, these people literally are happy when their friends die because they actually believe the paradise after death mythology. How do you fight against that? Well, obviously with superior weaponry and human intelligence, which we have – so no problem, unless you let millions of these people inside of your base, which we have done.

Just look at this though. This kid was born and raised in France, and just like that, he can go murder people in Syria and look really happy in the pictures. Does that not prove serious genetic differences?