14-Year-Old Girl Ran Away from Home to Become Trad Wife, Sold the Dude Out After a Fight

At least the bitch was honest that she was never abused.

But the guy is going down for “sex trafficking,” “kidnapping,” “age of consent” and many other crimes. He will probably go to prison for the rest of his life.

She turned him in because they had a fight. She’s going to regret this and cry and say “please let him out, he’s my husband, we just had a fight” – but they won’t let him out.

Even 14-year-old trad wives turn into stupid bitches when given half an inch. He should have shot this bitch with a netgun when she was fleeing. He was way too fat to chase her. And even if not – I still recommend everyone own a netgun.

New York Post:

Recently re-emerged teen Alicia Navarro and the former Walmart worker she’s been shacking up with fled the Montana apartment where they were staying Monday night, The Post has learned.

Navarro, 18, and the bearded, husky boyfriend — identified by several local sources as 36-year-old Eddie Davis — cleared out their Havre apartment and left with the help of his family, neighbor Garrett Smith told The Post Tuesday.

Eddie Davis

Later that day Navarro was exclusively pictured by The Post with Davis at his parents’ trailer park home at the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in nearby Harlem, Montana.

She helped him unload his car after a trip to the local supermarket, smiling as Davis hid his head from the sun under a towel.

Although they had been living together for more than a year according to neighbors, there is nothing to suggest Davis, who is twice her age, had any part in Navarro’s 2019 disappearance from Arizona at age 14 — resulting in a huge nationwide seach led by her mother, Jessica Nuñez.

Alicia miraculously walked into the Havre police station on July 23 and asked cops to be taken off the missing persons list, a day after locals said they had heard her arguing with Davis and threatening “I will go back”.

Public records show Davis has lived in Montana all his life. Posts on his Facebook account talked about how he experinced “country living for the first part of my life, then the work and injuries in my 20s”.

In 2018 he posted about how he had “struggled with weight loss” and “low self-esteem” and revealed he had been working to shed some pounds after reaching 270lbs.

Davis worked the night shift at a local Walmart store before he was let go several months ago, a former co-worker told The Post. The colleague asked to remain anonymous out of fear they’d lose their job.

The co-worker said they had seen Davis driving with a woman who appeared to be Navarro.

“I could see it was a younger female with dark hair,” the worker said. “She didn’t look scared or anything. She looked comfortable in the car.”

What happened to Navarro over the last four years and how she ended up in Havre — 1,300 miles away from Glendale, Arizona, where she disappeared — remains unclear.

The circumstances of Navarro’s disappearance are the subject of an ongoing investigation involving the US Marshals, FBI and police forces from both states.

This is another culture clash thing or whatever. The bitch is obviously Mexican, and they start getting ready for marriage at about 12.

In Mexico, she could have just been like, “mom, I’m leaving to go marry this obese man in his thirties I met on the internet,” and mom would be like, “okay, dear, just be sure to send a telegram every month.”

Instead it’s this big retarded scandal.

Here’s the reality: 14-year-old girls should be marrying men in their 30s.

If it were not for the media and the education system, this is exactly what girls would be choosing. We know that as an absolute matter of fact, because it’s exactly what girls chose all throughout history, before the dawn of the Jewish revolutionary system of feminism*.

Women are now an absolute mess, and everyone knows it. Feminism has failed like a whale-killing offshore windmill – in other words, it has failed as badly as it is possible for anything to fail.

See: Rising Number of Women Dying of Alcoholism After Stressing Out Over Historically Male Problems

*If you want to get technical about it, Jews didn’t really play that big of a role in the initial “first wave” of feminism. However, that would have been rolled back if it were not for the Jews, who continued pushing it to the max.