15-Year-Old Son of Homeless Advocate Murders Homeless Man for Having Sex with His Girlfriend

Thomas James Niarhos

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New York Post:

The teenage son of the leader of a Pennsylvania homeless advocacy group has been charged with murdering a homeless man who he claimed sexually assaulted his girlfriend over the summer.

Police say that 15-year-old Thomas James Niarhos, of Stowe, shot Jeremiah Waylon Hawkins, 39, in the face at point-blank range just after noon on Wednesday before yelling out, “He’s a rapist, don’t feel sorry for him,” according to court documents obtained by The Montgomery Daily Voice.

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The teen had reportedly been caught by police loitering near where the fatal shooting took place, just yards from a police station, on July 13, telling officers then that Hawkins had raped his girlfriend behind a nearby dumpster.

Niarhos returned to the same spot on Wednesday with his father’s .40 caliber Smith & Wesson semi-automatic firearm, which he had taken out of a locked safe, and got into a physical altercation with Hawkins, according to surveillance footage and a probable cause affidavit.

During the dispute, Hawkins attempted to knock the gun out of Niarhos’ hand using a bicycle tire.

Niarhos then fired a shot, causing Hawkins to fall to the ground, before firing a second shot at close range into his face, which killed him, police said.

When cops arrived they found a group of bystanders restraining the teen, who yelled out “He’s a rapist, don’t feel sorry for him,” and “He raped a 15-year-old girl, don’t help him,” as he was brought into custody.

The girlfriend, who is now 16 years old, and her mother were contacted by Pottstown Police on July 13 following Niarhos’ report.

The girl told her mother that “something had happened to her,” but the family declined to press charges or investigate the incident, according to court documents.

Ohhhh, yeah, I’m sure she was really seriously telling the truth that a homeless man grabbed her and raped her behind a dumpster. That doesn’t sound totally fake at all, bro. Sounds like a seriously truthful story from an honest bitch.

I didn’t ever realize it was illegal to kill homeless people.

Maybe if the kid’s father wasn’t running a homelessness helping group, the homeless man already would have been dead.

Tom Niarhos, the teen’s father, runs a homeless advocacy group.

Society should not tolerate people who try to keep homeless people alive. We have enough problems. If it’s illegal to kill the homeless, it should also be illegal to feed them.

Remember: if a woman says she was raped, she is either lying or she deserved it. Most likely in this case, the bitch had sex with the homeless guy on purpose.