LA: “Serial Killer” Vigilante Kills 3 Homeless Men

Did you know it’s illegal to kill homeless people?

Who would make that law?

New York Post:

Three homeless men were fatally shot while sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles this week — and police believe a serial killer is behind the deadly spree.

The unknown assailant kicked off his deranged attacks on Sunday just after 3 a.m., when he killed a 37-year-old man sleeping in an alley in the Westmont neighborhood of the city.

The killer struck again nearly 24 hours later, this time targeting a 62-year-old man behind a building.

The third victim, a 52-year-old man, was killed around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

“The commonalities amongst these homicides are that each of the victims were in an open area, whether it be a sidewalk or an alley. They were alone,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said.

We believe a single individual approached each one and shot and killed each one as they slept … There are similarities in each of the three cases.”

Moore called the murderer’s spree a “series,” but declined to call the suspect a serial killer.

The suspect’s identity remains a mystery — police have only established that he is a “possible male” who was acting alone.

He was caught on surveillance footage wearing hooded clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan, the LAPD said.

The department established a 24/7 task force and a tip line to accelerate the capture of the homeless serial killer, and increased patrols in areas where people are known to sleep on the streets.

I guess it’s probably just a psychopath who enjoys killing and not someone who is trying to rid the streets of the filth.

But still.

Why is it worth investigating?