16-Year-Old Black Girl Whose Life Mattered Stabbed to Death Over Sauce Outside McDonald’s

I don’t understand how:

  • Black lives matter, and
  • Black people kill other black people over sauce in fast food parking lots

can be simultaneously true.

It seems like a “pick one” situation.

New York Post:

A 16-year-old girl was stabbed to death outside a Washington, DC-area McDonald’s in an apparent dispute about sweet and sour sauce over the weekend.

Naima Liggon, of Waldorf, Maryland, was allegedly killed by another 16-year-old girl outside the fast food chain in a popular nightlife section of the city around 2 a.m., the Metropolitan Police said.

Naima Liggon

The deadly knife attack stemmed from an argument over the nugget dipping sauce between the teens and a third girl, Detective Brendan Jasper testified in court Monday, according to the Washington Post.

The verbal dispute turned physical as Liggon and the third girl hit the teenage suspect, who did not initially fight back, outside the restaurant near U Street NW, Jasper told the court, citing security footage.

The 16-year-old instead “lunged” at Liggon and the third teen as they tried to get into a vehicle, the detective testified.

The suspect allegedly stabbed Liggon in the chest and abdomen with a 7-and-a-half-inch pocketknife, he said. The girl was rushed to the hospital by private means but could not be saved.

Liggon died the day before she was to resume classes at Thomas Stone High School following the summer break.

If I’m being real with you, I do believe her life mattered. All lives do matter.

The question here is the fact that the term “black lives matter” is associated with a career criminal who once pointed a gun at a pregnant black woman’s stomach during a stick-up, and who died of a fentanyl overdose in police custody, and that all the problems of the blacks were blamed on white people.

It sounds like one party was working at the McDonald’s? I don’t know why else they would be arguing over sauce. We’ve all gotten in arguments with these blacks who work at the McDonald’s when they don’t give you enough sauce.

The Black McDonald’s Thing

I don’t think people actually know that virtually all black teenage girls work as prostitutes, lol. I should probably elaborate on that at some point. It’s quite a piece of information, truly. You’ll notice, if you go to a McDonald’s or some other shitty place where black people work, that all of the females there are either morbidly obese, old, or super enthusiastic. The non-obese younger black girls who are not super enthusiastic about working at McDonald’s are turning tricks.

Of course, a lot (most?) of the blacks who are working at these stupid fast food jobs are doing so as part of a probation or parole agreement. That’s another factoid that people don’t know – a lot of these companies paying minimum wage prefer to hire people on probation or parole because they are the only people likely to consistently show up to go through this sort of hassle for such small amounts of money.

You often go in and see all these blacks at McDonald’s struggling to figure out how to make burgers and you think: “why doesn’t he just sell crack?” or “why doesn’t she just sell her pussy?” – this is the reason. McDonald’s especially, but probably all of these companies offering shitty, low-paying jobs, are in a symbiotic relationship with the criminal justice system.


Imagine you’re born and go through all that shit then get stabbed to death over McNugget dipping sauce.

These people are incredible.

An earlier version of this article said the dead girl worked at McDonald’s. That’s actually not clear. It seems to me one party had to have been working there and demanding more sauce, but it’s possible one party simply approached the other and demanded their sauce be handed over. Over maybe they had ordered the McNuggets together and one party was hogging the sauce. I don’t know.