17,000+ Quebec Healthcare Workers Who Refused Coronavirus Vaccine to be Suspended on October 15

The TikTok dancing nurses phenomenon should have been enough to make everyone realize that the pandemic is a hoax and the virus is just a rebranding of everyday respiratory illnesses.

It’s a um…

It’s a global pandemic and the uh…

The hospitals are being overwhelmed but we have to fire nurses and doctors because of the um…

The vaccine is… the vaccine works great but the uh… if someone doesn’t take the vaccine, then that makes other vaccines stop working.

This is just basic science and if you don’t believe it you’re a QAnon moron and you need to be banned from the internet and prevented from having a bank account.


More than 17,000 health-care workers in Quebec will be suspended next month for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and now provincial officials are scrambling to fill in the gaps.

A spokesperson for Health Minister Christian Dubé told CBC on Monday that a total of 17,642 employees within Quebec’s health-care network still haven’t had their first dose.

Nearly half of those unvaccinated employees are front-line workers who are in direct contact with patients, the spokesperson said.

They will all be suspended Oct. 15 when the provincial decree that mandates all health-care workers be fully vaccinated kicks in.

Thousands more who’ve only received a first dose will also be off the job until they get the second.

The coronavirus vaccine is the first medicine people were forced to take against their will because it is the first medicine that was literally perfect.

Healthcare workers are mostly stupid conspiracy theorists who believe in debunked memes. People who work in medicine are among the dumbest and most stupid groups of people in society.

Did you know that some drugs caused women to have babies with no arms or tiny arms, years after they’d taken the drug and had no side effects from the drug?

You’ve probably seen these tiny arm people at some point in your life.

They are victims of the FDA rushing through drugs without proper testing.