200,000+ Deportation Cases Dropped Because of DHS Error

Well, this seems like a coincidence to me.

Of course, it’s a very unfortunate coincidence, as 200,000 is a very large number of poor Third World criminals living on welfare.

But there are already tens of millions in the country, so it’s not really that big of a deal I guess.

New York Post:

Immigration judges dismissed deportation cases against some 200,000 migrants under President Biden because the Department of Homeland Security failed to file the required paperwork before their court dates, according to a new report.

The DHS’s failure to file thousands of notices to appear before scheduled hearing dates left courts without jurisdiction to handle deportation cases and rule on asylum claims, according to a report released Wednesday by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

“These large numbers of dismissals and what then happens raise serious concerns,” the TRAC report, which includes data through February 2024, states.

The nonpartisan research organization called it “troubling” that there was an “almost total lack of transparency on where and why these DHS failures occurred.”

This is just total lawlessness.

There are no rules.

We are living in a tyranny. That’s what “tyranny” means: there is no established rule of law, the government just does whatever it wants. “Tyranny” doesn’t mean “authoritarianism” or “dictatorship,” as those systems tend to have rules that are indeed strictly followed.

A tyranny is a lawless government which acts with total impunity.