Texas: Female Elementary School Teacher Films Nudie Sex Video Inside Classroom

At this point, these bitches seem to just be trying to push it as far as possible.

New York Post:

A Texas elementary school teacher is under investigation for filming sexually explicit videos of herself inside her classroom.

The woman, who has not been charged with a crime, was a music teacher at Gray Elementary in Lamar Consolidated Independent School District in Fort Bend County near Houston, according to reports.

She resigned in February for undisclosed reasons, but the school district claims it wasn’t aware of the shocking depictions until Wednesday, when the censored videos of the teacher — who is wearing her school ID in the clips — began to surface online.

The teacher can be seen flashing her bare breasts and buttocks to a camera in one video that appears to be inside the classroom. Another clip shows her stripping down similarly in a bathroom.

“It was a poor judgment on my part,” she told KHOU 11 in an interview. “I would never do it again.”

Closest a woman will ever come to admitting wrongdoing, right there.

The teacher claimed she shot the videos on a Sunday when she’d stopped by the school to pick something up or in a bathroom when nobody was on campus.

She said she only shared the videos with her ex-boyfriend, with whom she’d just had a nasty breakup.

The woman has filed a police report for possible revenge porn in Harris County, where she’s living with her parents, according to KHOU.

What even is this bitch’s race?


Anyway, I’m just thankful to be an American, because of all the freedoms.