39% of Fatmericans Don’t Think the Iraq War was a Bad Idea

Only 61% of Americans think the Iraq War was a mistake.

We’re supposed to have a universal suffrage democracy, where this large body of people – nearly 40% who do not think the Iraq War was a bad idea – has an equal say in the way the country is run as Daily Stormer readers and others who are not fat, gay retards.

Why would anyone think this makes sense?


Two decades after the US invaded Iraq, the majority of Americans realize the war was a mistake, according to an Axios/Ipsos poll released this week. While two-thirds of Americans approved of the military action in 2003, 61% now believe it was the wrong decision.

When the US ground invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, just 26% of respondents to a Pew poll opposed military action to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s government.

Support was heavily skewed by political affiliation, with 83% of Republicans favoring invasion compared to 52% of Democrats. That divide has persisted two decades later, with a much smaller majority (58%) of Republicans still insisting the US was right to invade. Only 26% of Democrats still think it was a good idea.

The majority of Americans (67%) don’t believe the war in Iraq made the US any safer, according to the Ipsos poll, which was conducted last week among 1,018 Americans over 18 years old.

This is just one example of the stupidity of Fatmericans. There are much worse examples, such as support for the Ukraine vs. ability to find the Ukraine on a map or given any piece of information about the country other than that which has been given by recent media coverage.

The masses of people will always insist on having an opinion on things, because they are too stupid to know they are stupid.

Universal suffrage democracy is utterly corrupt, far beyond any other form of government, up to and including dictatorships, Islamic states, communism, and rule by drug cartels.

The majority population – particularly poor people and midwits – is going to be totally stupid and very easily manipulated into doing whatever the people who control the media want them to do. This simply is not viable, as the only thing it means is that the media dictates to the government, and they are not accountable to anyone. No one is accountable to anyone. If you complain in a democracy, the elite tell you it’s your fault because you voted for it. And that is actually true.

What’s more, there has never been a revolution in a popular universal suffrage democracy, because the masses of people will blame random politicians rather than the system itself, and think they can vote next time. In a dictatorship, where there is no voting, the people will rise up if the government doesn’t do anything for them.

It’s a trap and a death spiral. There is no way out of democracy other than foreign invasion, military coup, or governmental collapse. And America is not going to have a military coup, because the military has been cleansed of everyone who isn’t gay.

There is nothing worse than Tucker Carlson and others going out there and saying “we want a real democracy.” We don’t want that. No one would want that unless they were too stupid to participate in such a system in the first place.

What’s unbelievable is that Tucker and this new wave of conservatives pretend like democracy is compatible with populism. That is so retarded, it is difficult to imagine having to explain why it is retarded. It’s like explaining to a retard why the square peg doesn’t fit in the circular hole: it’s because it’s a square peg.

You cannot have any kind of freedom in a democracy, because a democratic system will always be elitist, given that it is run by the elite and the population has no actual input. The system they give for claiming the population has an input actually removes the ability to give input. It might be counterintuitive, but it is simply the factual reality of the situation, and if you work through it logically in your head, following just the basic arguments I’ve laid out here in this short, crappy article, you will come to that conclusion.

They tell you that America was always a democracy, and this is a total lie. Firstly, it was a Republic. Secondly, the democratic element involved only landowners voting (they also had to be white men). Requiring people to own land before they can vote controls for intelligence. If you are not intelligent enough to acquire land, you cannot possibly be intelligent enough to grasp the workings of the state. No one could ever argue against that fact in good faith.

The term “democracy” as it is currently used now only refers to universal suffrage democracy, meaning that America was not founded as a democracy in any way, by their own definitions.

This system was foisted upon us, and we’ve been spiraling ever since, as the banking elite and the media – and by that I mean “the Jews” – have tightened their grip on the structure of the society and its political establishment.

We are so doomed.