Iraq Expels Swedish Ambassador Over Koran Burnings After Protesters Burn Embassy

Why does Sweden keep burning these Korans?

What is the reasoning behind it?

If they had total freedom of speech and just let anyone do anything, okay. If that was the case, the Moslems would not be so mad.

But the situation is: Sweden has very little freedom of speech, and they are granting special permits to people to burn Korans in front of mosques.

Are they trying to start some kind of war?

Why would you do this?


Iraq expelled the Swedish ambassador on Thursday in protest at a planned burning of the Koran in Stockholm that had prompted hundreds of protesters to storm and set alight the Swedish embassy in the Iraqi capital.

An Iraqi government statement added that Baghdad was also recalling its charge d’affaires in Sweden, and Iraq’s state news agency reported that Iraq had suspended the working permit of Sweden’s Ericsson on Iraqi soil.

Protesters in Sweden had applied for and received permission from Swedish police to burn the Koran outside the Iraqi embassy on Thursday.

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In the event, the protesters kicked and partially destroyed a book they said was the Koran but left the area after one hour without setting it on fire.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said embassy staff were safe but that Iraqi authorities had failed in their responsibility to protect the embassy in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

The Iraqi government strongly condemned the burning of the Swedish embassy, according to a statement from the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani which declared it a security breach and vowed to protect diplomatic missions.

But Baghdad had also “informed the Swedish government … that any recurrence of the incident involving the burning of the Holy Qur’an on Swedish soil would necessitate severing diplomatic relations”, the statement said.

Sweden flooded itself with Moslems.

Then they started doing state-sanctioned burnings of the Moslem holy book.

This is deeply bizarre, confusing, destructive behavior.

I’m unable to make sense of it, unless they are for some reason attempting to encourage terrorism and war. That’s really the only plausible explanation.

I would say that some Swede should go apply for a permit to burn the Talmud in front of the synagogue to prove the point, but they would just end up ruining their life. We all know that this would not be allowed.