40% of People Killed by Israel in Gaza are Children, UN Warns

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Wait – everyone already knew this, right?

Israel supporters are baby murderers.

Supporting Israel, supporting the US funding Israel, is no different than if you’re standing on the street watching some guy dressed up as a clown slit children’s throats, and instead of trying to stop him, or at least complaining about it, you’re throwing dollar bills at him and telling him that he’s the chosen one.

Jew lovers will be judged alongside the Jews for the suffering they’ve caused.

The Guardian:

The UN has warned of a “catastrophic” situation for children in Gaza, as Israeli bombs hit a school being used as a shelter and landed outside a hospital, and Israel came under mounting pressure over the civilian suffering caused by its campaign.

More than 40% of the dead in Gaza after nearly four weeks of war were children, the UN said, with 3,900 reported child victims, and another 1,250 missing and presumed buried under bombed buildings. With little rescue machinery, and hospitals overcrowded and running out of supplies, the chances of survival for those trapped in rubble are painfully low.

“Women, children and newborns in Gaza are disproportionately bearing the burden” of a month of fighting in the tiny territory, agencies supporting children, women, health services and Palestinian refugees said in a joint statement.

Israel declared war on Hamas on 7 October, after fighters broke through a border fence into Israel and massacred 1,400 people – mostly civilians in their homes and at a dance party. Since then it has pounded Gaza with an unprecedented number of airstrikes and encircled Gaza City.

The number of children killed in nearly a month of fighting dwarfs the total recorded by the UN for years of conflict in Gaza before that. Between 2008, the first year UN statistics are available, and September 2023, a total of 859 boys and girls were killed by airstrikes and fighting inside Gaza. Over the last 29 days, an average of 130 have been killed each day.

The casualty figures for October and November are provided by Gaza’s health authorities, which are controlled by Hamas, but the UN has done its own investigations into deaths in past conflicts and has found figures from authorities in Gaza to be broadly accurate.

“The numbers are obviously catastrophic,” said Unicef spokesperson Toby Fricker. “Verification doesn’t occur in real time, which is why we say ‘reportedly killed’, but, generally speaking, in all conflicts we substantiate initial estimates and in Gaza they have tended to be pretty consistent.”

Among those most at risk are the very youngest children, born during the war. There are an estimated 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza, and with 14 hospitals and 45 clinics closed, “some women are having to give birth in shelters, in their homes, in the streets amid rubble,” the UN said.

This is a total human atrocity, what the Jews are doing, and it is of a sort that could only be created by the Christ-killing Jews.

No one else has ever mass murdered kids like this.

Clearly, the Jews must be made to pay for their crimes.