Another Hospital, Jews??? (Article has Analysis of Current War Status Generally)

Another day, another Jew mass murder attack on a hospital!

Times of Israel:

Authorities at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City have begun evacuating the medical center following orders from the IDF, which has surrounded the compound where Hamas is believed to have built a key command center underneath, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing a person familiar with the matter.

The hospital was rocked by at least one explosion on Friday, as Israeli forces approached the site. It is not yet clear who was responsible for the blast.

Between 50,000 and 60,000 people had been sheltering inside and around the grounds of the hospital, according to the Hamas-run health ministry, which says there are 2,500 patients.

The IDF is claiming that Hamas bombed the hospital that is under attack by the Jews.

Jewish accounts on Twitter are referring to this hospital as “the main command base” for Hamas!

The main one!

In a hospital that has 60,000 refugees in it!

Here’s the Jew cartoon explaining this to fat retards (most of whom are also gay) in America:

Note that Hamas is portrayed as a cockroach. It would make more sense, since we’re talking about tunnels, to show Hamas as a rat. But the Jews are very sensitive about cartoon imagery of rats.

The thing is: their main base is probably not located 700 meters from the sea.

That would not be very reasonable.

Of course, the entire framing of the thing is utterly stupid. There is no “Hamas main base.” Their “base” is a system of hundreds of miles of tunnels.

The Jews are talking about these tunnels constantly.

The New York Times had a big article about the tunnels Friday. It’s got some cool graphics.

Obviously, you can move through these tunnels. So if there was some kind of “base” under a hospital, Hamas would evacuate it long before the Jews destroyed the hospital and then started digging.

I don’t think there is a base. But if there was, any important stuff would have already been evacuated.

Most people talking about this war really don’t seem to understand the basics of it. The Jews are walking into a trap.

The Current State of the “Invasion”

I hear people talking about this as if the Jews are really just cleaning up the place. Several articles claim that the Jews are “at the heart of Gaza city.”

This is the official map, from a few hours ago:

It’s unclear how true the map is. It’s also not clear how much of the blue that Israel is claiming is actually being held by infantry. No infantry that I’ve seen marched in from the north or the south; some did land on the beach.

The reality is that in order to “hold” the territory, they have to destroy the tunnels completely, otherwise Hamas can pop out anywhere in the territory they are supposedly holding and kill the Jews.

I don’t have any idea how the Jews can destroy the tunnel system, other than by flooding it or gassing it, and I don’t know how they can destroy Hamas without destroying the tunnel system. I don’t know enough about military tactics to know what the Jews are doing by poking these hole into the territory as seen on that map.

Do You Remember Fallujah?

The most extreme battle of the Iraq War was the Battle of Fallujah. It took place exactly 19 years ago, in November and December of 2004. It was door-to-door urban warfare, with the US Marines fighting against the combined Iraqi forces, which included ex-military, militias, and random civilians.

The US committed an international war crime by using chemical gas, and was eventually able to win after six weeks of very extreme fighting.

However, the Iraqis didn’t have this series of tunnels (they did have some), and the IDF is not the US Marines (especially not the 2004 Marines).

Further, Fallujah had a population of only 300,000, whereas the Brave AI is saying that even after the evacuations, Gaza City has twice that many people.

It also says that 70% of the population has left their homes, but most of the refugees are still inside the city (such as the 60,000 in the hospital that the Jews are currently attacking).

The extremely densely populated city is not a perfect square, but it’s about 5 kilometers wide and 10 kilometers long. Poking in 700 meters to attack a hospital is not exactly “striking at the heart of the city.”

As I’ve said since this began, rolling around in tanks means nothing at all.

Right now, there are clips of IDF soldiers outside of the tanks, but they are all very close to the sea. In most of the clips, you can see the sea.

For some reason, they raised an Israeli flag on the beach. Like, they did a ceremony.

This is just propaganda imagery, of course, but for anyone who knows anything about anything, it’s also totally pathetic.

You might contrast it to Wagner raising the Russian flag on the last building in Bakhmut. In the infamous clip, they showed the flag and then panned over to the fields, showing that they had reached the end of the city and totally expelled the enemy.

In another historic scene of Russians raising a flag, we have the famous photo of the Red Army raising the Soviet flag at the top of the Reichstag, looking out over a destroyed Berlin.

This is to say: you’re supposed to do your flag raising ceremony after you win, and raising the flag as soon as you land on an empty beach is really pathetic, and shouldn’t inspire much confidence. It’s actually amazing to me that they did not consider the optics of this a bit more.

Hamas Defeat is Unlikely

The basic mainstream media narrative is that Israel is just going to roll through, because they’re a very well-funded military funded by the US, backed up by US Navy and so on, while Hamas are primitives. It’s a confusing narrative, given that the US very recently was forced to surrender to the Taliban. “Brown men with beards in flip-flops with AK-47s and RPGs” have turned out to be a remarkably resilient bunch of folks.

The IDF may or may not have the ability to clear out the tunnels and win the war, but it would involve significant casualties and it would take a long time. Further, the Jews are claiming they are going in to “save the hostages,” and no hostage is going to be saved under the current plan, because the hostages are in the tunnels and the Jews can’t enter the tunnels.

It’s probably important to make that clear: the tunnels are 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The Jews cannot enter them; the only thing they can do is try to close entries.

Hamas wants to trade the hostages. Israel sacrificing the hostages, which is what they are going to do if they continue to push to wipe out Hamas by conquering Gaza City and closing all the entries, might not play well.

More importantly, the calculus of the rest of the Moslem world is currently that Israel is doing a stunt and will deescalate at some point before actually destroying Hamas and annexing Gaza. Presumably, if this gets Fallujah-hot, the battle will be joined.

Aside from the battle being joined, there are a whole list of other things that could happen.

Erdogan in Turkey, just as one example, is only able to keep all of his immigrants (he has the most immigrants and everyone hates them) and prevent a mass uprising by appealing to religion. The religious authorities in Turkey are now turning against him, and demanding he start doing something about Israel.

No one thinks Turkey is going to attack Israel (at least not in the foreseeable future), but there are calls for him to do serious economic damage against the Jews.

There is nothing really obvious about any of this. You have to be very careful with these narratives that are being presented.

At this point, anything can happen.