42 Kids Mistakenly Given Adult Coronavirus Vaccines in Germany

Hey, you know – people make mistakes.

And if these kids have heart attacks a few weeks sooner than they otherwise would have – that’s just the price we pay for health.


Forty-two children aged five to 11 have been given Covid-19 vaccine doses meant for adults. Health authorities in Hanover, Germany, have claimed it should not enhance the risk of side effects.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Hanover regional government announced that 42 children at a city zoo vaccination center had been given shots with higher concentrations, meant for adults.

The chief specialist at the health department, Marlene Graf, said the increased dose is not harmful, and no serious consequences are expected. “According to our knowledge, possible side effects should be limited to local reactions and fever,” she stated.

The boys and girls received three times the dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine intended for their age group – 30 micrograms instead of 10 micrograms, according to German media.

Three times the dose just means they got boosted earlier!

The kids received a healthy dose of science, and they’ll be alright.

Don’t let this shake your faith in The Science.

You can trust all injections.

You have to trust and believe in The Science if you want to be saved.