80% of People Have Plastic Particles in Their Blood, Scientists Find

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We’ve talked about the plastics issue to infinity and beyond.

This is a real crisis, because it is directly affecting the basic functionality of our bodies.

You can compare that to global warming, which is a literal fake news hoax.

The Guardian:

Microplastic pollution has been detected in human blood for the first time, with scientists finding the tiny particles in almost 80% of the people tested.

The discovery shows the particles can travel around the body and may lodge in organs. The impact on health is as yet unknown. But researchers are concerned as microplastics cause damage to human cells in the laboratory and air pollution particles are already known to enter the body and cause millions of early deaths a year.

Huge amounts of plastic waste are dumped in the environment and microplastics now contaminate the entire planet, from the summit of Mount Everest to the deepest oceans. People were already known to consume the tiny particles via food and water as well as breathing them in, and they have been found in the faeces of babies and adults.

The scientists analysed blood samples from 22 anonymous donors, all healthy adults and found plastic particles in 17. Half the samples contained PET plastic, which is commonly used in drinks bottles, while a third contained polystyrene, used for packaging food and other products. A quarter of the blood samples contained polyethylene, from which plastic carrier bags are made.

“Our study is the first indication that we have polymer particles in our blood – ​it’s a breakthrough result,” said Prof Dick Vethaak, an ecotoxicologist at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. “But we have to extend the research and increase the sample sizes, the number of polymers assessed, etc.” Further studies by a number of groups are already under way, he said.

“It is certainly reasonable to be concerned,” Vethaak told the Guardian. “The particles are there and are transported throughout the body.” He said previous work had shown that microplastics were 10 times higher in the faeces of babies compared with adults and that babies fed with plastic bottles are swallowing millions of microplastic particles a day.

“We also know in general that babies and young children are more vulnerable to chemical and particle exposure,” he said. “That worries me a lot.”

The new research is published in the journal Environment International and adapted existing techniques to detect and analyse particles as small as 0.0007mm. Some of the blood samples contained two or three types of plastic. The team used steel syringe needles and glass tubes to avoid contamination, and tested for background levels of microplastics using blank samples.

Vethaak acknowledged that the amount and type of plastic varied considerably between the blood samples. “But this is a pioneering study,” he said, with more work now needed. He said the differences might reflect short-term exposure before the blood samples were taken, such as drinking from a plastic-lined coffee cup, or wearing a plastic face mask.

The big question is what is happening in our body?” Vethaak said. “Are the particles retained in the body? Are they transported to certain organs, such as getting past the blood-brain barrier?

This plastic is a big part of what is turning men into faggots, and turning women into fat, aggressive beasts.

It’s probably the primary thing.

Testosterone levels in men are dropping 1% every year. The average 25-year-old man has lower testosterone than his grandfather did at 65.

It’s also the reason that sperm counts are dropping so rapidly.

The problem won’t ever be addressed, because it doesn’t serve any globalist agenda to address it.

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That’s why any environmentalist talking about plastic just gets redirected into babbling incoherently about this global warming hoax, which is literally not real. I don’t mean it’s exaggerated or whatever the current “conservative” talking point is, I mean it is literally fake.

You can see in the ice core samples that carbon trails warming. You can also see the #Climategate emails where all of these “climatologists” (a fake science invented by the UN) admit that they are lying in order to create hysteria.

You can also just work through logically that plants breathe carbon dioxide, so increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good for the environment.

Also, you can plainly see that our cities are not flooded, as Al Gore claimed they would be.

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