The Warming Hoaxsters Will Not Address the Plastic Problem

“Environmentalism” is largely a hoax, so I can understand why people dismiss it all.

However, plastic really is an “endocrine disruptor,” which means that it causes endocrine disruption. That is to say, it throws off the balance of hormones in humans and animals, causing males to become more feminine and women to become more masculine.

Petrochemicals (plastic is a petrochemical-based substance) have actually been shown to change the genitals of fish and amphibians.

This is what Alex Jones was talking about with the infamous “making the fricking frogs gay” comment.

It’s not really much of a leap to suggest that the biggest part of why we see so many fat people, so many feminized men and masculinized women, is due to endocrine disruptors in the environment. Lots of normal people put plastic in the microwave, which causes the chemicals in it to leak out up to 100 times more than they would if the plastic was at room temperature. Disposable “paper” coffee cups are lined with plastic (just feel the inside of one).

Plastic is not a fake crisis. Obviously, the way the media discusses it is fake. Just as an example, they zoom-in on plastic straws, without talking about plastic bottles, plastic bags, or plastic packaging – all of which are much bigger than straws.

Then they grandstand over paper straws.

I don’t use straws because the sucking motion of the mouth will make you gay. But why not address the issue of “everywhere plastic”? They don’t. They dismiss it, then rattle on about the totally discredited hoax of manmade global warming.

The Guardian:

Invisible microplastics have been found almost 400ft (120 metres) underground in UK water streams, according to the results of a citizen science project conducted by wild swimmers.

More than 100 outdoor swimmers in the UK became “waterloggers”, collecting water samples from their favourite place for a dip using empty glass wine bottles.

This water was then tested, with microplastics present in every single sample.

One of these samples was taken 400ft underground in a cave in Derbyshire. Rebecca Price, a caver who collected the samples deep underground, said, “The cave sample was taken from an underground waterfall which filters through natural rock. I’m shocked to find that nano- and microfibres were found that deep underground.”

Laura Owen Sanderson, the founder of the non-profit We Swim Wild, which carried out the sampling, said: “We now know that microplastics are infiltrating every aspect of our lives. We breathe in, drink and eat plastic particles every day; and little research has been done to establish what risk that poses to human health.

“This campaign provides a large and unique grassroots dataset for the UK government, as clear evidence that urgent action is needed now.”

Yeah, so – it’s good someone is saying this.

But these people all get shouted over by Greta Thunberg promoting toxic solar panels and ugly bird-genociding windmills to fight a completely fake crisis.

Check the ice cores – atmospheric carbon trails warming.

Not the other way around.

Just so: turning into a faggot or a butch bitch trails consistent exposure to endocrine disruptors.