9/11: I Never Forgot

When I said “I will never forget 9/11,” I actually meant it (PROMOTION: SPECIAL PREVIEW OF AI WEEK BLITZ CONCEPTUAL ART – DO NOT SHARE)

Exactly 22 years ago today, on November 9, 2001 – 9/11 – the Jews blew up three very large buildings in New York City in order to blame it on the Moslems and start a bunch of endless wars with them.

Millions are dead in the wake of this Jewish event of mass terror.

How many wars were there? I don’t even remember. It’s difficult to know what counts as a “9/11 war.” In some sense, the event so fundamentally changed America, that everything that has happened since has been “in the wake of 9/11.”

Surely, the events unfolding in Gaza would not be unfolding as they are if it were not for the Jew attacks of November 9, 2001.

The Next 9/11?

This is a real article from Israel-Jew media.

Many people on the internet are saying that November 9, 2001 is bound to happen all over again, because there is no other possible way that the Jews could regain sympathy from the “goyim” after slaughtering all these people in Gaza.

I follow the logic, of course. It makes obvious sense. But there are serious questions as to whether or not such a thing would even be possible.

If it happened, every right-winger would be agitating leftists to say it was staged by Israel. I think we have a situation where even with this lockdown grid, where the whole entire internet is subjected to Elon-style “shut them down, shut them all down” type of censorship, the majority of people would blame the Jews directly for any type of major “terrorist” scam.

The Gazans have too much sympathy. Too much. The Jews have gone too far. No one is going to forget this because of some spectacular event. This is too offensive and too outrageous, what these Jews have done to Gaza. It’s beyond the palest of the pale.

I’ll go so far as to say that the Jews have passed the whitest shade of pale.

What a 9/11 repeat fake terror event would actually do is cause a bunch of people to start questioning everything. Normal people, still locked in this Muskian mind-prison, would realize that they’ve been lied to on a monumental scale.

This “waking up” thing that people talk about would happen to a billion people.

By the way, I support the people out there claiming the Jews are planning another 9/11, and it really makes a lot of sense if you’re thinking about it logically.

Salute to the conspiracy people who are also talking about the Tommy Robinson event this weekend being some kind of massive psy-op Jewish setup.

It all makes sense to me. You don’t need to convince me that it is logical. What you would need to do is convince me that events that are taking place on the current timeline are following a pattern of logic. I don’t think they are.


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