A Message for the Fence-Sitters: It’s the Jews

Scott Roberts
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2013

If you have any doubts about how wide spread this Jewish conspiracy is and if you think it’s just a “few” Jews who are only part of a much bigger problem (the “elitists,” “Masons,” “Illuminati,” “Jesuits,” “Reptilians,” “Bilderbergs,” etc.), then I am going to suggest a simple test that will prove (to YOU) otherwise.

All you have to do is comment on ANY mainstream article, ANY politically-oriented video on YT, or ANY other place where a political discussion is in progress, and you will find that (bar none) there will be an army of Jews there waiting to attack you (the messenger) and censor your comments.

Now, I am not talking about using any “hateful” words. Simply interject a couple of very subtle facts. The most basic points, like “Jews control the media” or “Jews control the Fed.” As a matter of fact, you could even phrase it in the form of a question and ASK “do the Jews control the media?,” “do the Jews control the Fed?,” or “what is the reason behind this Kosher tax?” Just make simple points or ask basic questions, then sit back and witness the reaction for yourself.

Not only will there be a virtual army of Jews waiting for such “antisemitic” comments/questions (quite telling in and of itself), but the manner in which they respond will tell you all you need to know about them and what they think of their Gentiles pets/slaves.

They will lash out (in typical Jewish fashion) and suggest that you are a “terrorist,” “White trash,” a “Nazi,” an “antisemitic,” “hateful,” “racist,” “ignorant,” “uneducated,” a “loser,” “insane,” and a whole list of filth that I will not even type here. The more calm and peaceful you are in stating your case or asking your questions (they would prefer someone who is overly-emotional and using derogatory language), the more vile and disgusting their attacks will be. Basically, they expose themselves, but in their arrogance they simple believe that Gentiles are just too “stupid” to catch on.

If you persist and refuse to stoop to their level (not losing your cool, as they want you to), they will threaten you in ways that your Gentile mind couldn’t even conjure up in nightmares. Then, on the back end of their relentless tirade (full of filth, anger, and hostility), they will project it all onto you by calling you the “hateful” one. That is how twisted their “reality” is, and that is how stupid they believe us to be. They truly believe we are beneath them and it angers them when we so much as call them into question on anything. Basically, they can do to us as they please, but we are not even allowed to speak of their unprovoked actions/crimes against us (accordingly to their politically correct narrative at least). Next, they will attempt to incite you to respond on their level so they can then (hypocritically) allude to it as being “hateful.” Whatever they do as a means to illicit a response from you does not matter. Even if they threaten to torture, mutilate, and/or murder your children (personal examples can be seen, but are not limited to the following video: http://trutube.tv/video/1037/War-), they will then focus on your reaction and cry a river of false tears as soon as you take their bait (if you are foolish enough to do so), where they will then document it and report you to the authorities.

Jews can rob us, poison us, enslave us, lie to us, and they can even kill us by the millions (war, starvation, mass executions, etc), but if you dare to even speak (in a calm and peaceful manner) of the countless crimes they have orchestrated throughout history, they will lash out at you in a genuinely hateful manner. Their anger comes through in their every insult and threat. They wholeheartedly believe it is OK for them to do with us as they please and our merely standing up in our own defense OR asking simple questions will anger them to the point that they simply cannot control themselves. Then on the back end of their tirade, they will unashamedly call you the “hateful antisemite.”

It truly is mindless and they will expose themselves for anyone who has even an ounce of doubt remaining. I ask you to simply put this to the test and find out for yourself. How much of the above you witness 1st hand only depends on how far you are willing to go in putting my advice to the test. I could give countless examples (I have been witnessing this daily for years now and have not found a SINGLE exception in all my efforts), but I would rather you witness it for yourself.

The 1st thing that this will demonstrate to you is the FACT that they are lying in wait and ready to attack the messenger and/or remove the message itself. Which will let you know that they clearly have something to hide and an obvious motive for trolling there. It will also let you see for yourself the level of control they have as your comments disappear from across the internet. Both points being important ones for you to recognize, since it demonstrates their collective complicity and the power they wield through having this control over every mainstream site on the net.

Also, their reacting to your simple points/questions (in typical Jewish fashion) will allow you just a taste of their venom. You will see 1st hand what they truly feel about anyone who knows and dares to state a single fact about them. Simply questioning them, on any level, will have you being attacked by a pack of hostile Jews who will unleash their anger and frustration on you like you have never seen before. And again, if you push hard enough, they will then threaten to “kill” and/or “torture” you and those you love.

I have been speaking in the same calm, factual, and peaceful manner for years. Many have witnessed and know that I never stoop to their level, despite the constant threats towards me and my family. Never once showing myself to be anything near what they have so desperately tried to label me as being. And never once allowing them to get under my skin to the point that I would respond to them on an emotional level. It truly has been one sided in that sense, yet they feel no shame and do not hesitate to continue on with their insults and threats (nothing to lose, by way of credibility, in the anonymous online world). It NEVER fails. They all have the same M.O. and not a single attack on the messenger is ever the least bit original (it’s as though they are all reading from the same script). Just a complete loss of emotional control on their part, followed by insults, false labels, strawman arguments, and threats. I have witnessed it on a daily basis for YEARS now, but you simply need to put it to the test to start finding out for yourself.

Humor me. Play the “devil’s advocate.” Find out for yourself. Then come back to me and tell me that “it’s just a few Jews” or that their threats and censorship are in any way justified.

One final thought:

The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie keep speaking the truth