A Reader Comments on Defenders of “Pope Francis”

Even as the Vatican has officially endorsed the “blessing” of gay anal “marriage,” people are still continuing to defend this supposed “Pope” Francis.

A reader commented on this phenomenon of ostensibly conservative and traditionalist Catholics defending the alleged Pope:

In order to defend Pope anus these days one has to think “obviously Christ is against everything the Pope is doing morally but Christ knows that on Vatican legal grounds it all totally checks out and therefore it’s wrong to name him a usurper and anti Christ”. The only defense of Francis is Talmudic in other words where the spirit of law is subverted and has no relevance and the words can even be used to bring about the opposite intent of those who wrote them. Those who defend Francis because his actions check out legally would necessarily have to also agree that banning firearms and forced racial integration checks out as per the US constitution and we need to listen to the judges even though what they are doing in spirit is the opposite of the constitution and bill of rights intent.

Basically I can’t see how defense of Francis is anything other than heretical. Christ would never say “well this is morally repulsive and satanic but legally it’s all on the up and up and that’s the most important part”. To imply that Christ finds Vatican legal haggling more important than the spirit is to imply Christ is a Pharisee.

It would be difficult for anyone to break this down into fewer words than that.

There must be a solution to this. God would not put us in a place where there is no solution.