Anti-Drone Gun: Ridiculous or Bad Ass?

This is an anti-drone gun:

The photo is from Brazil.

Reuters describes it thusly:

A security guard of Brazil’s presidency uses an anti-drone weapon against a drone that was flying near the Planalto Palace and the National Congress during events to mark the consolidation of democracy in Brazil, a year after supporters of far-right former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the presidential palace, Congress and Supreme Court, in Brasilia, Brazil January 8.

Here’s another photo, from France:

The gun is called the “DroneGun Tactical,” and is sold by an Australian-US company called “DroneShield.” They sell other models, but the one in the above pictures is apparently the state of the art model.

According to the company, the gun will “disrupt the signal” and cause the drone to land immediately, or possibly to return to its point of origin.

I’ve read a lot of comic books and watched a lot of science fiction entertainment media, and I’ve never seen a theoretical future weapon that looks like this anti-drone gun.

If I were to say what it reminds me of most, I would say that it looks like something out of a Final Fantasy game. Perhaps, also, something out of a Capcom game, such as Monster Hunter. However, I think it is too ugly and stupid-looking to have ever been thought up by any concept artist, and could only have been designed for practical purposes.

Here’s the thing: most things in our society are too ugly and stupid-looking to have been thought up by artists, and are instead purely designed based on practical concerns. That is what led to the modern skyscraper and all modern architecture, the modern car, IKEA type furniture, and really everything else. There is no art or beauty in the world anymore. It’s disgusting and anti-human, and this wouldn’t have happened if Richard Nixon would have only agreed to resign if Elvis Presley was made the King of America.

Elvis cared very much about aesthetics and beauty. Look at his house, his fashion, the cars he drove, the way he arranged his stage shows. It was all intended to be beautiful.

Probably, one of the reasons that men are so obsessed with pornography these days is that there is nothing beautiful in their lives. A woman’s naked body is something beautiful.

We must reconsider this idea that things can be designed purely for efficiency and practicality. We are human beings, not machines. Most of these buildings in modern cities need to be torn down, because they are true abominations, and they dehumanize us all. Humans should not live in a hellscape. We used to live in nature, which is the most beautiful place, and then we designed our cities to be beautiful, according to theories of what makes for a pleasant human environment.

Most Americans, who live in cities which are mostly made up of parking lots and strip malls and mid-rise apartment monstrosities, are not even aware that people used to care what buildings looked like. People should go to Europe and look at the old cities. Look at Budapest or Prague or Barcelona or Saint Petersburg. People used to put such great care into making things beautiful, in order to raise up the human spirit.

These buildings now are crushing the human spirit.

You don’t have to make the anti-drone gun look beautiful. It is a purely practical item. But the environment of a city is not a purely practical thing. It is about our souls and our dignity. We deserve to live among beauty.