Tennessee: Kids had a Great Time at First Meeting of Satan Club, Satanists Say

It’s in the Constitution that your kids have to worship Satan.

You can’t have a gun, because that was only for the very specific context of a militia before the US had a very constitutionally sound standing army.

But the Constitution is very clear that your children have to worship Satan.

The Guardian:

Children had a “great time” at the first meeting of an after-school Satan club at a Tennessee elementary school this week, organizers said, despite dozens of protesters who condemned the meeting.

On Wednesday, the After School Satan Club (ASSC), a federally recognized non-profit organization and national after-school program, held its first meeting at Chimneyrock elementary school in Memphis.

A club flyer said that the Satanic Temple was a non-theistic religion that views Satan as “a literary figure who represents a metaphorical construct of rejecting tyranny and championing the human mind and spirit”.

“After School Satan Club does not attempt to convert children to any religious ideology. Instead, the Satanic Temple supports children to think for themselves. All After School Satan Clubs … emphasize a scientific, rationalist, non-superstitious world view,” it added.

Activities promoted by the club include science projects, community service projects, puzzles and games, nature activities, arts and crafts and snacks, the flyer said.

Following the club’s first meeting at Chimneyrock elementary school, the Satanic Temple told WMC that “kiddos had a great time”.

These people say this is a cute thing, and they are just joking around, and they are not actually Satan worshipers in a literal sense.

However, if they were literal Satan worshipers, that is obviously exactly what they would say.

Ironic satanism is the only logical marketing strategy for unironic satanism.