ABC Interview Censors RFK Jr. When He Starts Talking About Vaccines

I have continued to support Trump, however, I have not endorsed him. I have officially endorsed Ye, because there was no way for me to not do that when he was saying all that stuff about the Jews. But, uh… we’re not sure where he is.

If Ye doesn’t show back up with a real, organized, official campaign, Trump is going to have some competition from my support for RFK Jr.


ABC News has censored an interview with US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Joe Biden’s top challenger for the Democratic Party’s 2024 nomination – by removing his allegedly false assertions about Covid-19 vaccines.

We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the Covid-19 vaccines,” ABC anchor Linsey Davis said on Thursday after airing her interview with the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy.

She added that Kennedy made “misleading claims” contrary to research findings about a link between certain vaccines and autism. “We’ve used our editorial judgment in not including portions of that exchange in our interview.”

This is just nuts.

Politicians lie about everything, constantly. Joe Biden does interviews that are just a full hour of lies that can be disproved with 40-second internet searches.

So, even if they believed these statements were untrue, removing them from an interview is totally unprecedented (in the strictest sense).

Davis sparred with Kennedy during the interview, saying his past claims about vaccines causing autism had been totally “debunked.” As the candidate began to explain why he believes major public health agencies, such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are “captive,” his comments were cut off. The clip then cuts to Davis pointing out that some of Kennedy’s family members disagree with his views on vaccines.

What a strange thing to do. I mean, the cutting to family members. This is a shaming and smearing behavior that is typically only used against political dissidents (which I guess RFK Jr. is, technically, but he’s in a different category).

You notice they never point out that Barack Obama’s brother, Malik, is calling for an investigation of the Jews.

Imagine if they did that. Imagine if Obama was talking about “threats to the Jewish community” and they “pushed back” on Obama’s comments, saying that claims of Jews being victims have been “debunked,” and then cut him off and started talking about how Malik Obama thinks the Jews should be investigated.

Because that would be the exact same thing as what just happened here.

I don’t actually know the law, but Kennedy is saying what they did is illegal (if this is true, I need to file my 2024 papers).

Kennedy noted on Friday that federal law prohibits broadcasters from censoring presidential candidates.

Instead of journalism, the public saw a hatchet job,”he said. “Instead of information, they got defamation and unsheathed pharma propaganda. Americans deserve to hear the full interview so they can make up their own minds. How can democracy function without a free and unbiased press?”

Yeah, well.

It’s a good question.

I know some other people who have been asking that question, actually.

Kennedy is gaining ground.

Fox News poll released on Thursday showed that although President Biden’s rivals for the Democratic Party’s nomination are longshot candidates, Kennedy is gaining ground. While 62% of Democrat voters want the party to nominate Biden for re-election, 19% favor Kennedy. A previous poll indicated that Kennedy was supported by 14% of Democrats after entering the race earlier this month.

As this progresses, and the people see that there is a normal guy who is coherent and capable of like, climbing stairs normally, they might change their minds.

Brandon should be forced to debate him.

As things are going now, Kennedy is going to be doing better against Brandon than Meatball Ron is doing against Trump. At least.

Of course… none of this even matters at all, because the elections are fake. The Democrat primaries are fake and the general is fake, so it’s really just kind of ridiculous to talk about it.

Unless they change the policy of “mail-in” ballot drops, there is not going to be a real election. And there is zero chance they are going to change that policy.

So what are we really even talking about?

I think it’s worth it if Trump, Ye, and Kennedy can inject real issues into the public sphere. But that’s it. And honestly… that probably doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things.

If I was gonna vote, I would write-in “Chinese nukes.”