Abolish the Jew Tax

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2013

This will never succeed...
This will never succeed…
...unless you deal with this first.
…unless you deal with this first.

Protesting taxes is an essential aspect of Americanism.  From the original Tea Party up to modern-day conservatives who grumble about welfare leeches, this opposition to high, unjust taxation is rooted in one fundamental idea: wealth generated by productive individuals should not be stolen and given to those who have no legitimate right to it.

We are very much opposed to the practice of human vermin living off of the labor of honest folks, and thus in many ways we sympathize with the patriotic Americans who desire lower taxes.

However, serious reduction of taxes cannot be achieved unless we first deal with the Jewish stranglehold on our nation.

The Jewish role in high taxation can be understood by examining three points:

1)  The Jews are responsible for the ideologies of “white privilege” and “multiculturalism”, which demand perpetual handouts for non-whites who have been victims of “racism”.

2) The Jews are responsible for our massively expensive wars in the Middle East.

3) The Jewish system of usury (lending money on interest) ensures that a large portion of the federal budget go towards paying the interest on money borrowed to pay for our welfare state and our Zionist wars.


Our massive welfare state is a major part of our spending, and therefore of our taxation problem.  This welfare state grew rapidly over the last few decades as part of an effort to transfer wealth from productive whites to unproductive non-whites.  The welfare state has made zero progress towards the goal of “racial equality”, and the effort has wasted massive amounts of taxpayer wealth.  But because the Jew-controlled media and educational system promote ideologies like “multiculturalism” and “white privilege”, our foolish spending will continue.  “White privilege” claims that white success relative to other races is due solely to unfair advantages and “institutional racism”.  Therefore we must use the power of the state to ensure that all races get their fair share, since whites have a greater share only because of evil “racism”.  If decades of wealth redistribution has not brought about the desired result, this must be because “racism” still lingers, and the program will continue no matter how high our taxes and our debt rises.  Only after destroying these Jewish ideologies can it become morally acceptable to point out the obvious fact that non-whites fail because of their inferior genes and culture.


The military budget is a huge part of federal spending.  While of course we support a strong military, most of this spending is unnecessary and goes towards furthering the interests of the Zionist entity in Palestine.  A truly pro-American policy in the Middle East would simply allow the Muslim nations to govern themselves without interference, allowing the uninterrupted exchange of goods and commodities.  But the control of American foreign policy by Jewish organization like AIPAC results in the useless waste of American blood and treasure in wars that benefit us in absolutely no way.  Of course the human cost of such conflicts is our greatest concern, and the white American lives wasted to satisfy the blood-lust of the Jewish Antichrists grieves us enormously.  The fact remains, however, that these wars greatly contribute to our stifling tax burden.


This third point is the most difficult to understand, but it is absolutely essential.  When we talk about the wealth of productive individuals being stolen by the unproductive, we usually think of taxation.  But this is also exactly what happens when usury is practiced.  Banks lend money to borrowers, and it is the borrowers who are the actual laborers and innovators.  The borrowers produce value, and the bankers “earn” a profit without doing any work or coming up with any creative ideas.  If the borrowers succeed in their ventures, then the bankers take a cut.  If the borrowers fail, then the bankers end up owning the businesses or even the homes of the borrowers.  In either case the bankers come out on top, and they do so without any honest work.

A supporter of the free market might object to our vilification of usury, and say that lending money at interest is a voluntary business contract, and is therefore legitimate.  We respond by saying that much tyrannical taxation is also legitimate.  If a community full of lazy blacks votes to heavily tax the productive white minority, then how are these high taxes less legitimate than a usurious contract between a banker and a borrower?  In both cases one group is stealing the wealth of the producer without lifting a finger to earn it.  Another reply to this objection is that we as a society already ban certain types of voluntary financial transactions.  For example, in the ancient world it was common for borrowers to promise themselves as security for a loan.  That is, if the borrower could not repay the loan, then he would become a slave of the lender.  This policy would obviously lead to the progressive enslavement of the population and the concentration of power in the hands of a few unscrupulous individuals.  This type of “voluntary business contract” is morally reprehensible, and is therefore illegal in our society.  The current banking system, however, leads to very similar results.  Bankers might not own us as slaves, but they have complete control over our homes and our livelihoods, both of which they can take away with a simple “readjustment” of interest rates or currency value.

For the first several centuries of Christian civilization, usury was seen as a great evil.  During this period, money lending was chiefly the domain of the Jewish parasites that infested Christendom.  The wealth of this tiny Jewish minority allowed them to gain great influence over the ruling elites of Europe.  Popular resentment against the Jewish money power periodically flared up and resulted in the expulsion of the Jews, at least for a time.  The moral aversion to usury began to fade during the Enlightenment era, and since then many gentiles have also been involved in banking.  However, Jewish bankers, such as the Rothschilds, continued to play a predominant role in the industry, and the parasitic nature of usury is integral to Jewish power up to this very day.

As economies become more and more based on debt and usury (which is happening to us today), wealth is steadily transferred from laborers and innovative entrepreneurs to the blood-sucking bankers.  The use of compound interest, which makes it practically impossible for loans to be completely paid off, ensures that bankers become fat as productive members of society are bled dry.  The money used to fund our welfare state and our Zionist wars is also borrowed at interest, which means that the bankers continue to steal the wealth not just of individual Americans but of American taxpayers collectively.


The Jewish contribution to high taxes is twofold: 1) the Jews are directly responsible for unnecessary government spending through their promotion of welfare handouts to non-whites and their Zionist wars, and 2) the Jewish system of usury means that the money we do spend is paid back at interest, greatly adding to the overall tax burden.  Furthermore, we have shown that usury, even when practiced in private business ventures, is another aspect of the taxation problem, because both usury and taxation are based on the same principle:  the theft of wealth from productive people.  This is the main point.  Whether this theft is done through taxation or usury is irrelevant.

A truly just economic system based on merit and innovation can only be achieved when we stop feeding the parasites, both the bankers and the welfare abusers.  This cannot happen unless Jewish power is destroyed.