Adidas Obeys Orders from Jew Masters, Drops Yeezy

It’s going to cost them billions of dollars, but Adidas is bending the knee to the Christ-murdering Jew monsters and dropping Ye from the company for stating publicly that Jewish domination of everything is sort of a problem.

The Jews are throwing a celebration, dancing around in their stupid little faggot hats (one part of their deeply and inexplicably bizarre religion is that they wear tiny hats so their evil god doesn’t have to be offended by their gourd-shaped Jew heads).

That rat-faced goblin Greenblatt is now whining that they didn’t obey his orders fast enough! I’m serious!

Imagine it!

“We expect you to jump immediately when we say jump, goy – there’s no waiting a week! This tardiness is unacceptable, goy! Slave! Hitler, goy! My Holocaust, goy!”


I’ve had enough of these Jews. These people destroyed my life completely.

They deleted my site twice this week. Riddle me this, faggot – if they don’t control everything, how can they shut down people talking about them on domains in Rwanda and Indian Ocean Territories? It’s just obviously dumb to say that Jews don’t control everything, and it can’t be taken seriously anymore.

This has to end. If they are going to dominate our society like this, we have to establish some way to hold them accountable for what they do to us. They can’t be allowed to just control everything and then denounce you as evil and completely destroy your life if you mention that they control everything.

This is an unhealthy relationship. These Jews rule us with fear and intimidation, and our entire existence revolves around not offending them. They claim openly that the fact that they supposedly got masturbated to death and turned into milkshakes a century ago gives them a blank check to be completely above criticism forever. This is not reasonable, and it’s gotten to the point where it is simply too much to tolerate.

I put my life on this, bro.

They done pushed me too far.