ADL Claims Jews are Warmongers, Globalists and Communists Who Hate America

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This week the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) claimed, perhaps counterintuitively, that the Jews are warmongers, globalists, and communists who hate America, and that it is antisemitic hatred to question them over these things.

The ADL was formed a century ago to defend a Jewish child rapist named Leo Frank and to attempt to frame a black man for his crimes. The comments were made in the context of condemning CPAC and specifically Donald Trump as antisemitic.

They made this claim using language that I have pointed to before. These Jews said that people who criticize warmongers, globalists, and communists are antisemitic, which explicitly implies that Jews are these things.

If you were to question the Jews on this wording, they would just accuse you of being an antisemite for asking about it. However, if you were able to press them on the issue and somehow get them to explain what they mean, they would say that Jews are falsely accused of being warmongers, globalists, and communists who hate America. However, Trump did not accuse the Jews of this, he simply talked about these groups. If the Jews insist that whenever anyone talks about warmongers, etc., that they are talking about Jews, then this explicitly implies that Jews are these things.

By framing it this way, they are also making the claim that it is impossible for anyone to ever criticize warmongering, globalism, or communism, because these things are definitively Jewish, and it is evil to criticize anything Jews do.

I’m not the only one who noticed this time. There were normie MAGA people in the comments questioning the ADL.

Once again, we are faced with the conundrum of the Jews claiming that everyone in the world hates them for no reason. However, while the ADL will claim in one breath that Jews are persecuted more or less at random by people who are evil and act without any form of rationale, they will then go on to give a list of reasons why people would be opposed to them.

This is all very unhealthy. It is not appropriate to have a small minority elite design a narrative of morality that says that criticizing their behavior is the ultimate form of evil. This is precisely the dynamic of the Skeksis in The Dark Crystal – an alien ruling elite that suck the lifeforce out of the people and use their power to establish a narrative where any and all criticism of them is the most gross form of sin.

We have to have freedom, and we have to be able to have open discussion. Blocking off any criticism of a certain group simply because they have the power in society, being the wealthiest and most influential group, is wrong in any case. We have to be allowed to speak truth to power.

But when the Jews then claim that you not only cannot criticize them as a group, but also claim that you cannot criticize anything they do or believe in, including war, globalism, and communism, you have an unworkable society.

We need to insist that we live in an open society, where people are allowed to state their views, whatever those views are. No one should be allowed to claim that you can’t talk about important issues because it hurts their feelings. If people’s feelings are hurt by things people are saying, they can very easily stop listening. It is also a very bizarre situation to have “don’t hurt people’s feelings” be the defining virtue of society, and when it is “don’t hurt the feelings of the elite ruling class,” the logic becomes even more incomprehensible.

Everywhere, throughout all of history, it was considered a fundamental right of the people to be able to speak their minds freely and criticize the actions of those in power. Even in the supposedly “repressed” Middle Ages, the peasantry had a right to criticize the nobility if they thought they were not behaving in accordance with the Bible.

The issue is: in the Middle Ages, the Bible was the standard that people were required to uphold, so if they were not upholding that standard, everyone would criticize them. The kings of yore could not make it illegal for people to criticize them by claiming it hurt their feelings. The idea is ridiculous. But of course, one of the first things the Jews did when they assumed power in the United States was undermine the Christian religion, which created a void in the moral order which they filled with their own value system. This has created a situation where a large percentage of the population truly believes, with religious fervor, that the highest form of morality is protecting the feelings of the ruling class by preventing people from questioning their various political and social agendas.

However, as things in America continue to decay, the position of the Jews that nothing they do can ever be criticized because it would hurt their feelings is becoming untenable. A moral order based around not hurting the feelings of the rulers is only viable in good times, and times are becoming increasingly less good. It’s important to understand that Jewish power is based more or less entirely on their ability to prevent any criticism of their behavior. It is logical then that the Jews would begin lashing out more and more as they feel their grip on power slipping.