ADL Wants to Cancel Dave Chappelle, But the Larger Jew Media is Mostly Silent

After Dave Chappelle’s appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, wherein he said Ye is right about the Jewish domination of the entertainment industry, Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, called for Chappelle to be shut down.

The aggressive Jew Greenblatt claimed that Chappelle had hurt Jewish feelings by talking about Jewish political and cultural power, saying that hearing that Jews control Hollywood “traumatizes” Jewish people. Greenblatt demanded that more people care about the hurt feelings of the Jews.

Many people have noted in response to Greenblatt that the Jews are the single richest and most powerful group on earth, and suggested that it is inappropriate for the people who completely dominate society to claim they are above criticism because criticism hurts their feelings.

It is certainly a new and bizarre situation to have the rulers of society saying that people cannot criticize them or hold them accountable for decisions that they make that affect everyone because it hurts their feelings.

Let’s create an analogy, in bullet point format:

  • It is the Middle Ages, and a King is being called out for poor leadership and decision-making that is viewed by many as harmful to the population of the Kingdom.
  • The King responds by claiming he is not the King.
  • His critics say “of course you’re the King – you live in the castle, you are wearing a crown, you command the military.”
  • The King responds by using his powers as King to financially ruin all of the people questioning him, then states that the fact that he used official powers to destroy his critics is proof that he is not really the King.
  • Various people in the Kingdom continue to voice concern about the official decisions the King is making, and he then responds by saying that his critics are hurting his feelings, as when people criticize him it causes him trauma.

This is clearly unreasonable.

The claim by the Jews that they do not control everything is utterly absurd, and it is not taken seriously by any serious people. It is very easily verifiable that the government, the financial sector, the news media, the entertainment industry, and the academy (among other power centers) are completely under the control of the Jews. It’s not debatable.

Therefore, the conversation that we are actually having is about what the Jews do with this power. You simply cannot have a situation where the people in power are completely above all criticism – and when the explanation for why they are above criticism is that being criticized hurts their feelings, this entire situation becomes a kind of sick joke.

Imagine if Donald Trump or Joe Biden were to say that no one can criticize their leadership because it hurts their feelings and causes them trauma. Imagine people complained about inflation and Joe Biden said “I’m very sensitive and what you are saying causes me trauma,” then demanded that the person who said it pay him $500,000.

Apparently, some of the Jews realize how absurd this situation is, because on the whole, there is not much being said about the Chappelle SNL monologue.

CNN did a segment on the “controversy” on Monday, bringing out a Jew woman who claimed to be friends with Chappelle and a fan of his.

The Jew woman commented on Chappelle’s claim that Jews were taking out their supposed historical oppression on black people, and said “Jews are not blaming black people for the Holocaust.” This is a ridiculous take, because Jews are claiming outright that they are above any and all criticism, completely – including criticism from black people – because of the alleged Holocaust. When the Jews are destroying the lives of Ye or Kyrie Irving, they are saying that they have a right to destroy the lives of their critics because of the Holocaust. Whether or not the Jews are actually blaming the blacks for the Holocaust is irrelevant, because they are saying that blacks have to be sanctioned and prevented from speaking because of the Holocaust. The difference between blaming someone for something and punishing them for something is unimportant, and it is a strange distinction to make at all.

Overall, however, neither CNN nor this Jew woman went very hard against Chappelle. Apparently, there are some cooler heads than Jonathan Greenblatt behind the scenes saying that continuing to destroy the lives of black celebrities for criticizing Jews is just going to lead to more black celebrities coming out and criticizing Jews. They are creating a feedback loop.

The problem is, if they do not “cancel” Chappelle for saying what he said, more people – blacks in particular – are going to feel comfortable coming out and speaking their mind on this issue.

The Jews have endorsed collective responsibility for white people. We were all held personally responsible for the supposed actions of Officer Derek Chauvin. Jews are claiming that they are all just random individuals, and that effectively, there is no such thing as “the Jews.” But we all saw them label whites a collective, and attempt to sic the blacks on white people for their alleged collective behavior.

What the blacks seem to be saying now is that yes, there is a group that is oppressing them in exactly all of the ways that the Jewish media has claimed whites are oppressing them – but it’s not white people doing it.

This is Going Somewhere

All of this public talk about the Jews is clearly building up to something. The Jews are no doubt attempting to figure out a “final solution” to black people, while it feels like the entire black entertainment industry – at least everyone who is not a gangster rapper with murder charges hanging over his head – is going to come out and start talking about this.

Unlike white people, many blacks view financial success as less important than personal honor. The technique that the Jews are using against the blacks – taking their money and careers away – is a technique designed for white people. Blacks are much more likely to get emotional and incensed when slighted, and forget about their money, like “YO FUGG U NIGGA WHAT.”

The Jews were always playing with fire when they declared that blacks were totally above criticism and that everything they said was to be taken as informed fact. Now they’re saying that there is one single thing that the blacks are always wrong about, and that is criticism of Jewish people.

These are fateful dynamics, and it is clearly leading to some kind of blowup.

What a time to be alive.