AFPAC II: All Speeches and Comments

The second annual meeting of Nick Fuentes’ America First Political Action Committee (AFPAC) meeting happened last weekend in Orlando, Florida, alongside the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC).

The purpose of holding the AFPAC conference in the same city as CPAC is to draw attention to the distinction between the two conferences and the worldviews they represent. CPAC has gone full anal, and they refuse to talk about immigration. Instead, they talk about taxes and how Democrats are secretly the real racists.

Eventually, this CPAC agenda is going to get really old for a lot of people. By my estimate, not even one conservative is going along with this anal agenda that Charlie Kirk and the donors are pushing. Thus far, people have tolerated it because these people are not the Democrats, but no one is excited about it.

This year’s CPAC was entitled “America Uncanceled.”

When Nick tried to enter the Hyatt Regency at which the event was being held, they canceled him on his way in.

I’ve now sat down and watched the entire AFPAC, which I of course had not done before this. There was no conspiracy of timing, as many have suggested. I can confirm that I was never any part of any timing conspiracy. I was just busy.

Regarding some other questions I’ve received:

  • I didn’t promote this event because I don’t promote any events. I write about things that happen, that’s the policy. (Stop the Steal was different, that wasn’t really a specific event, but a public agenda.)
  • Yes, I do think that sharing information given in confidence is a stab in the back on par with doxing. It is an unforgivable action.
  • At some point, you have to agree that someone is either the leader or they’re not. If you agree that someone is the leader, you need to agree to go along with their decisions, whether or not you agree with them personally. That is the definition of a leader. A good leader should hear your concerns before making decisions.
  • Probably, getting doxed at a public event matters less now, because of coronavirus, which more or less means that you don’t have any future anyway.
  • Worrying about the FBI coming for you is like worrying about dying in a car accident. Be careful and don’t drive drunk, but you’ve got things to do. You can’t live your life in paralyzing fear, especially of something that you only have very limited control of.
  • At some point, you do just have to fight for your survival.

Hopefully, that clears up any misunderstandings of my own views on these matters.

The AFPAC II lineup featured Nick and five others.

The secret guest turned out to be sitting Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, demonstrating a major jump into the mainstream for AFPAC and Nick’s America First agenda.

Other than some audio issues, which I’m sure you’ll notice if you watch the YouTube video at the top of this page, the event seems to have gone off without a hitch.

Vincent James of the Red Elephant internet show gave the first speech. It was a kind of general speech on the situation with the betrayal of the GOP. It was rousing and he shouted out secession, which is what I like to hear.

Vince looked good in his shirt, but I did notice he has a bit of the “cellphone hunch.” He also looks like he works out – he needs to hit the cables and make sure to stress rows, and pay attention to his posture while sitting for extended periods.

But great opener overall. Although I do think he broke the audio system, which unfortunately plagued the rest of the night, you can’t blame him for being fired up.

John Miller, the Based Black Guy went next.

He was surprising. He’s actually from BlazeTV. He made a few 4chan jokes, which I won’t explain.

This thing with the blacks – we’re never getting rid of the blacks, folks. We brought them here and they’re always going to be here. The good news is, blacks lived peacefully with whites for hundreds of years, both under slavery and then Jim Crow in America, and under Apartheid in South Africa.

Up until when I was a kid in the 1990s and early 2000s, if you were white middle class, you didn’t really ever think about black people, because they lived in different neighborhoods. And that was well into the racial integration agenda.

So, I’m happy to have high IQ black people around, who are Christians and don’t hate white people. Some portion of blacks do have high IQs, but they usually choose to go race hustle so they can live in a white neighborhood. It’s nice to see anyone with convictions, frankly.

Third up was Michelle Malkin, who was very fired up.

For those too young to remember, Malkin used to be on Fox News every day. She’s also a bestselling author.

She seems to have actual convictions as well. She was very involved in promoting the anti-Moslem wars, but she seems to have now realized she was duped on that front. She’s a Filipina Catholic who I’m sure just hates Moslems and didn’t really understand what was happening with the neocons.

Last year, she went to AFPAC I and used the term “anti-white.” That term is now making it into the discourse of Fox News, as we’ve seen. So, just like with Trump, the internet is invading the mainstream. AFPAC puts a stamp of officialism on the internet right.

Next came the great former Iowa Congressman Steve King, who we all know and love. King was lately run out of office by the Jews. God bless him, he is 71 years old, and felt the need to explain why he says “Judeo-Christian” to the group of young folks who do not like that term (his explanation was something about the Law of Moses – I don’t think he’d thought about it before, because he’d been around people using the term for so long).

He gave a great speech about how he’s tried his whole life to stop homosexualism. He gave advice for young people going into politics about how you have to deal with these people. It was very endearing.

Finally, before Nick, the Special Guest, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar.

This man is a sitting Congressman. That is where AFPAC is now.

Nick gave the final speech, which I wrote about earlier this week.

Of course, they’ll attack and demonize, continue to label Nick a “neo-Nazi,” citing a Cookie Monster joke, but the election hoax and the attempt to throw Donald Trump under the bus has given room for politics to get hardcore.

The niceness is gone. People are more afraid of the FBI than they are of Cookie Monster, and they’re exhausted by conservative leaders claiming to be the true rectal wranglers. This election issue began to push people over the edge, and the total assault on whites will be the tipping point.

It’s been a long journey, and it is just getting started. But regardless of what happens in the future – and it probably will not be very good – we are going to have political legitimacy in the eyes of the masses of people.

Everyone is obsessed with the fact that we’re on a demographic clock, but that isn’t really the issue. The issue is the minds of the masses of white people. Once the masses of people are on our side, against the enemy – which is, on the whole, Jewish – then we are going to be able to figure something out, regardless of the demographics.

What got us to this point was bad leadership on the right. It was in fact traitors. The number one concern, above all else, has to be getting real, devoted, good leadership on our side. That is necessary, with or without an apocalypse.

Nick Fuentes is the best leader we’re going to see this generation.

America First is inevitable.

You can watch his show on his site, He’s also still on Twitter, somehow. And Telegram