AI-Generated Woman Makes $11K a Month Selling Pictures

Bros, this is what they are trying to take from you: they do not want you to have a robot girlfriend.

That’s the biggest reason they are trying to shut down Altman and limit the AI. It’s driven by women who see their power slipping away.

When men have AI girlfriends, they will just totally ignore real women, which is the one true fear of all women. They do not fear “abuse,” and claiming to fear abuse is a way to get more attention. The abuse itself is attention. Their whole existence is about attention, and therefore the rise of AI presents a totally existential problem.

New York Post:

Aitana Lopez is a vivacious, 25-year-old pink-haired model who has garnered a massive online following thanks to her stunning looks.

But there’s a catch: She isn’t real, although her income sure is.

The buxom babe is actually a bot dreamed up by Spanish designer Rubén Cruz, who uses artificial intelligence to help make thew animated model look as lifelike as possible.

Thanks to Aitana’s lusty online fans, the designer is now making a fortune, netting up to $10,900 per month.

That’s not a fortune.

But okay.

“We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing,” Rubén Cruz, told EuroNews.

The innovative designer is the founder of the AI model agency The Clueless.

Last summer, the idea to design Aitana came to Cruz after he struggled with the logistics of working with real-life influencers.

Aitana has amassed an Instagram following of 132,000, and Cruz and his team can now charge up to $1,000 for an advertisement featuring her image,

Fans also fork out money for sultry images of the busty bot on the subscription-based platform Fanvue — an OnlyFans rival that has an array of profiles featuring AI models.

She’s so eerily real that high profile celebrities will slide into her DMs, not realizing she’s computer-made.

One day, a well-known Latin American actor texted to ask her out,” Cruz dished. “He had no idea Aitana didn’t exist.”

Due to Aitana’s massive success, the designers crafted a second model, Maia, who they described as “a little more shy.”

They have now received an influx of requests from brands who want their own AI models.

You don’t really need experts to design these women. Or you shouldn’t.

You should just be able to list the names of famous women you find attractive, or put in Facebook pictures, and the robot should be able to give you options of women based on that data.

Right now, there are some tuning things you need to do to get this done, especially since ChatGPT can’t be used for this purpose yet. So this guy is making some money during this period of transition to full AI.

But remember: you deserve a robot girlfriend and women are going to do what they always do and try to prevent you from getting what you deserve.