Spanish PM Says Number of Palestinians Killed “Unbearable,” Calls for Two-State Solution

The two-state solution is officially on the menu, really for the first time ever.

It was previously always a pipe dream, and now the whole world is demanding it, as the Jews continue their lunatic mass slaughter of children in Gaza.

The Guardian:

Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has urged Israel to rethink its offensive in Gaza, telling its president and prime minister the number of dead Palestinians is “truly unbearable”, and that the response to Hamas’s terrorist attacks last month cannot include “the deaths of innocent civilians, including thousands of children”.

Sánchez’s blunt pleas came during a visit to the Middle East with the Belgian prime minister, Alexander de Croo, during which he called for a peace conference and reiterated that the creation of a Palestinian state remained the best way to bring peace and security to the region.

Israel says 1,200 people were killed and 239 taken hostage when Hamas fighters crossed the border from Gaza on 7 October. According to the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza, more than 14,100 people have been killed in Israel’s retaliatory strikes.

That Palestine number doesn’t include the number of people whose bodies haven’t been found, and the Israel number probably does include some of the people who were taken as hostages and are still alive.

Speaking as he met Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday afternoon, Sánchez said Spain had repeatedly condemned Hamas’s “shocking acts of terrorism” and acknowledged Israel’s right to defend itself.

But he added: “Let me also be clear: Israel must abide by international law, including international humanitarian law, in its response … The whole world is shocked at the images that we see coming from Gaza every day. The number of Palestinians killed is truly unbearable. I believe that all civilians must be protected at all costs.”

We are well into “unbearable” territory here.

We’ve been here a long time.

Sánchez said “a serious and credible prospect for peace” was more necessary than ever. “Without a political settlement, we are bound to run again into a never-ending cycle of violence.”

Earlier, the Spanish prime minister had made a similar request of Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, once again stressing Israel’s obligation to follow international humanitarian law.

“Israel, as we’ve said since the beginning of these terrible attacks, has the right to defend itself,” he said. “But it must also comply with international law, including international humanitarian law. The response cannot imply the deaths of innocent civilians in Gaza, including thousands of children. We need to urgently stop the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.”

Sánchez added that a comprehensive solution needed to be found that included “the establishment of a viable Palestinian state”.

He called for an international peace conference to be held as soon as possible, adding: “We need to achieve the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live in peace and security.”

The Jews have already said “no” to this.

So in order to make it happen, you would have to force the Jews, which means you would have to force the US.

Probably, the whole world is going to turn against the Jews and the US in a more open way in the near future. Maybe a few countries like the UK or Germany that are totally under the boot of the US will remain that way, but the rest of the world is going to get more aggressive.

The truly unbearable thing is not even the slaughter of all these kids, it is the assertion by the people doing the slaughtering that they are morally superior. That is what is driving everyone nuts. The US babykillers claim to have an absolute ability to decree what is moral and what is not, and this makes everyone sick.