Airbus Joins Boeing in Exciting Field of Diversity-Style Air Travel

Boeing is collapsing in its own footprint like WTC 7.

At some point, they are going to have to replace these 777s with a new jet totally designed by women and blacks, and it’s going to be like a slapstick comedy with them just blowing up on runaways before they even attempt to take off.

No one will buy the 737 Max, and whatever they introduce next is going to be worse.

The fact that they can’t manage maintenance on the 777s – which is an incredible piece of machinery – is totally insane. It’s like in the Bush War when the blacks couldn’t figure out how to use an AK-47.

The Airbus 320s are much less complicated. But, again:

China is going to replace Boeing and Airbus within the decade in every country where US trade agreements don’t force countries to buy Boeing and Airbus.

New York Post:

United is facing safety concerns after five major equipment incidents this week, three of which happened in the past two days.

A United Airbus flight out of Chicago O’Hare had to return to the Windy City Saturday due to a maintenance issue, the airline told The Post.

Customers will fly to Salt Lake City on another plane, the airline said.

The incident was just the latest in a string of mishaps for United.

United Flight 821 took off from San Francisco International Airport Friday afternoon headed to Mexico City, but was quickly diverted to Los Angeles “due to an issue with the aircraft’s hydraulic system,” an airline representative told The Post Saturday.

“The flight landed safely and passengers were deplaned normally at the gate,” the representative said.

The Airbus 320’s hydraulic system suffered an issue in one of its three hydraulic units, the airline told NBC Bay Area. The aircraft has multiple systems for redundancy.

What is the number of “multiple systems for redundancy” to manage a failed hydraulic unit (HCU) on a 320? In theory, it’s two, given that there are three HCUs. But I don’t think two of the three have ever failed under real world conditions, and I don’t know if anyone knows if the plane could land with only one working HCU.

Here’s an easy layman’s explanation of the redundancy of these units.

By the way, it’s the same team of blacks and women servicing all three units, so there is no reason to believe two or even all three couldn’t fail at this point, which would mean total loss of control of the plane.

The 105 passengers and five crew were evacuated and customers had to travel to their destination on a new aircraft.

An onslaught of incidents involving Boeing aircraft have happened recently, starting in January when an Alaska Airlines plane saw its door plug rip off mid-flight.

An FAA expert panel previously ripped Boeing’s “lack of awareness of safety-related metrics at all levels of the organization” in February.

However, Boeing told The Post Saturday it is “closely monitoring the situation and will provide any support needed to United Airlines and the investigators.”

The handful of incidents this week have made customers fearful, with one X user wondering if it’s “safe to book.”

Sorry, but the FAA is in no position to throw stones from their glass house.

If we are going to do this diversity thing, and force out white men, replacing them with affirmative action women, blacks, and other useless people, we are just going to have to accept that things are going to stop working, things are going to break down, and a lot of people are going to die in disasters that would have been easily preventable by competent people.

Again: all of these companies have said diversity is the most important thing. So, I guess, just let these disasters happen, and explain to people that this is just part of diversity. If people don’t want to die on a commercial flight because the doors blow off, the wheels fall off, and the hydraulic system fails, they are racist-sexist-bigots who have no place in America.