FAA Finds “Unacceptable” Quality Control Issues During Boeing Audit

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Someone was claiming that Boeing isn’t responsible for these maintenance issues that the planes are having. This is untrue. At least in America, and probably all of Europe, all mechanics on Boeing planes are either directly working for Boeing or contracted by them.

The contractors would be subjected to the same “diversity” requirements as Boeing is enforcing in its own company.

The Boeing crisis is a result of diversity. Specifically, it’s a result of Affirmative Action. It’s possible that a black male could be a competent airplane mechanic (I don’t think it’s possible a woman could be). But blacks and women are subject to different hiring practices, and given jobs they are unqualified for. It’s the only way these levels of diversity that Boeing is pushing for are possible – you have to knowingly hire incompetent blacks and women.

Boeing has said “diversity is our number one priority.” This means that they are prioritizing diversity over people not dying on their planes.

You would think the number one priority for any company would be “not killing people.”

New York Post:

The Federal Aviation Administration found dozens of issues throughout Boeing’s 737 MAX jet production process, including mechanics at one of its key suppliers using a hotel key card and dish soap as makeshift tools to test compliance, according to a report.

The FAA discovered “unacceptable” quality control issues during an audit of Boeing and supplier Spirit AeroSystems that was launched after a door plug flew off a 737 MAX 9 at 16,000 feet on Jan. 5.

The agency did not release its findings to the public, but a presentation detailing the results reviewed by the New York Times reveals a troubling and inconsistent manufacturing process.

Boeing failed 33 out of 89 product audits — a review of specific aspects in the production line — with a total of 97 counts of alleged noncompliance, the auditors found, according to the newspaper.

It cannot be stressed enough: Boeing has made a massive deal of being the number one technology company in America to push for mass diversity, to replace their white male staff with women and blacks.

Twitter was doing this too, then Elon fired 75% of the staff and there were no changes in functionality. But it’s one thing to just hire thousands of useless people to sit around playing on their phones and drinking ice cream lattes. It’s something different to actually put them in jobs where people’s lives depend on them doing their job competently.

Spirit AeroSystems, which makes the body of the 737 MAX jets, failed seven out of 13 product audits conducted by the FAA, the publication reported.

One of its failures dealt with the installation of the plane’s door plug.

Some of the most shocking details from the presentation happened at Spirit AeroSytems’ fuselage manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kansas.

FAA auditors spotted mechanics from the company using a hotel key card to check the seal on a door in one instance and witnessed other Spirit mechanics applying Dawn liquid soap to a door seal “as a lubricant in the fit-up process,” the Times reported.

As this is all happening, a Boeing whistleblower “killed himself” as he was set to testify.

This has all gotten very weird.

But the best part is this: everything that is happening at Boeing is simply a sign of things to come.

America is coming apart at the seams.

I support it.