Alec Baldwin Berated by Anti-Israel Protesters for Some Reason

I don’t even think this is about Baldwin’s support for Israel, necessarily. I’ve never thought of him as some big Zio-shill.

I think he’s just an easy guy to beat up on, because he’s so angry and pathetic. I think any group of protesters that saw him would start yelling at him about something or other, just because it’s so easy to dislike this guy.

It’s shocking he still lives in New York. That seems masochistic. He should move to Maryland or Singapore or something.

New York Post:

Alec Baldwin was berated by anti-Israel protesters on Monday evening after hundreds of agitators flooded into Penn Station and Grand Central Station during a fiery demonstration where they told Israel to “go to hell.”

The irate “30 Rock” star jawed out the protesters who told him he has “no f—king shame” and belittled his “tanking” career while hundreds descended on the major Big Apple transit hubs during the protest opposing Israel’s military campaign in Gaza against Hamas.

Baldwin was walking by the demonstration near West 29th Street when protesters spotted him and darted toward him, accusing him of supporting Israel.

NYPD officers needed to escort the actor. Baldwin had no problem shouting back at them but was quickly met with the ire of the protesters.

“Shut your f—kig mouth, you have no f—king shame,” one man shouted back at Baldwin.

When he was asked if he condemned Israel, Baldwin replied, “No, I support peace for Gaza.”

“Go f— yourself,” the man yelled.

“You ask stupid questions,” Baldwin could be heard telling one of the rabble-rousers. “Ask me a smart question, and I’ll answer your question.”

The confrontation ended when Baldwin was able to get through the door he was waiting in front of.

“Your career’s tanking by the way,” the man yelled as the door shut.

A source close to Baldwin told The Messenger that the Emmy Award-winner was “aggressively” approached while attempting to volunteer his skills.

“Alec was on his way to volunteer to teach an acting class. He had no intention of going to the protest and was not involved in any way,” the source said. “He was approached aggressively and repeatedly. The police stepped in to avoid further confrontation so he could make his way to the class safely.”

The back-and-forth came shortly after demonstrators found their way into Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station.

I always naturally feel kinship with people like Baldwin, who are pilloried by society. I do not think he was responsible for the death on set; that bitch who loaded live rounds into the gun was 100% responsible.

Baldwin is obviously a little baby, the way he gets so angry. So I don’t really feel a need to defend him, especially since he will refuse to denounce the Jews.

But berating him on the street seems in bad taste.

The New York anti-Israel protest this happened at was incredible, by the way. I was kinda waiting for Elvis to write that one up, but here are some pics: