Alex Jones Goes Full “Arabs Run Hollywood,” Backs Ron DeSantis Over Donald Trump

I’ve always argued that Alex Jones is too paranoid, too rich and lawyered up, and too clever to actually become an agent of the FBI or some other intelligence organization. However, he has engaged in pretty serious shilling for Jews – if you analyze the situation, this makes sense both from the angle that he wanted to stay on the air and from the angle that he had all of these Jewish sponsors. His first wife was also half-Jewish (though raised Christian), and she seemed to be really manipulating him.

To his credit, however, he’s always had people on his show who do talk about the Jews. He would regularly have on Texe Marrs, a baptist preacher who is obsessed with Jews. He would tell Marrs to say “globalists” or “New World Order” instead of “the Jews” while on his show, but then he would let Marrs plug his own show and books where he talks about the Jews.

He had on Pastor Ted Pike, who is also an anti-Semite, and told Pike just not to say “the Jews” or “Zionism.” But he told him he could plug his books where he talks about these things, just not talk about it on his show. Ted Pike went public with this.

From his thing he wrote at the time:

As I was waiting to begin the broadcast, Jones told me off the air that he had heard me the previous morning on Joyce Riley’s program criticizing Jewish supremacists as authors of the hate bill. He said what he was about to tell me was “off the record.” He said his broadcasting empire has “gotten so big” with many mainline affiliates that he cannot afford to lose those stations by criticizing Jews. “But I’ve got to mention ADL behind the hate bill!” I objected. “ADL is okay,” he said. “Talk about ADL all you want, but we can’t talk about Jews specifically.” He then told me that, with this understanding, there would be many opportunities for me to be on his program, especially as new legislative threats emerged.

This just seemed sort of whiny. It’s like “dude, he’s letting you plug material where you talk about the Jews – you can keep telling people to check out your books and website where you say ‘Jew, Jew, Jew’ to Jones’ audience.”

There are several other examples of him promoting material that talks about Jews, while just trying to keep anyone from saying it directly on his show. He didn’t blacklist anti-Semites. When I realized that strategy, I was less offended, and he seemed much less like a “gatekeeper” and more like someone just trying to keep the money flowing while also giving people a route to find the truth.

Furthermore, in recent years, he’s gotten a lot better. This probably has to do with losing Jewish sponsors, getting divorced from his Jewish wife, and getting sued by all of these Jews. Frankly, it also probably had to do with the Daily Stormer campaign against him, which culminated in Jones doing an interview with David Duke. After he capitulated to my Troll Army, and interviewed Duke, I backed down from attacking him too much, and then he ended up collaborating with Nick Fuentes.

But there is no getting around the fact that he said a whole lot of ridiculous stuff in defense of the Jews on his show. One of his most ridiculous moments was when he said “Arabs run Hollywood.” He actually said that. I can’t find the clip, but I found the clip of him retracting the statement.

In the Trump era, I’ve been a lot more lenient with him, and have defended him a lot. I had several reasons for this:

  • He was doing good work, having moved from being primarily a libertarian conspiracy guy to primarily a nationalist.
  • He was under such severe attacks from the Jews, particularly in relation to the Sandy Hoax lawsuits, but also in terms of censorship (although everyone was being censored).
  • He was supporting and working with Nick Fuentes.
  • After my campaign against him, and the David Duke interview, he just generally seemed to not be defending Jews that much.
  • He fired Paul Joseph Watson, who is a brutal neoconservative homosexual who I hate.
  • Owen Shroyer, who I like and who is pretty open about the Jew thing, became his right-hand man.

Right now, I really don’t even want to attack him for anything, while he is being so drastically harassed and personally violated by the Jews. But this is just too much.

He is supporting Ron DeSantis.

He is joining with a group of shills – including Laura Ingraham and the rest of Fox News – to support DeSantis.

This is combined with DeSantis’ support from Big Jew, and people like the Bush Family and the entire neocon establishment, including Bill Kristol and National Review.

Here’s the official announcement.

As far as giving Jones the benefit of the doubt:

  • Jones’ main issue has been the vax, and in theory, Ron DeSantis has been better on the vax than Donald Trump.
  • Jones can sort of view Donald Trump as having personally betrayed him, leaving him hanging on January 6, and just generally not giving anything back to Jones after Jones lost so much supporting him.

With the vax thing – Trump never forced anyone to take the vax, he just shilled it. Ron DeSantis has also said that he thinks people should take the vax.

DeSantis urged people to get vaccinated, and said “vaccines are saving lives.”

Here’s Ben Shapiro’s Jew Daily Wire celebrating DeSantis for saying this – Shapiro, a Jew Never Trumper, is a big DeSantis supporter:


DeSantis was against mandates, but so was Trump. DeSantis did a lot to fight mandates as Florida governor, but Trump wasn’t in office when the vaccine was rolled out in full. Both Trump and DeSantis have said the vaccine is good, but people shouldn’t be forced. I don’t know really what the difference is.

As far as Trump leaving Jones hanging personally – Trump did that to me too. People think I was banned from everything because I had a very popular site talking about Jews, and that is true, but I had a big popular site talking about Jews before Trump was elected. After Trump was elected, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League published a paper saying that my trolling campaigns swung the election. (Please note, I would never be so presumptuous as to claim I swung the election, but the Jews said this.) It was just a few months after Trump took office, and a few weeks after the ADL said I got him elected, that I got banned from everything.

So I was just as betrayed by Donald Trump as Alex Jones. I spent four years begging Trump to do something about censorship, and he did nothing. I’ve lost tens of millions of dollars by being banned from platforms and banned from accepting donations through any method other than crypto, and Trump had the ability to (at least try to) fix that and did not. My whole life was ruined by my support for Donald Trump. People who talk about Jews and don’t support Donald Trump are not anywhere close to as banned as I am. Aside from Julian Assange and I guess Edward Snowden, I’m the most banned person on earth. The only person who is now close is Nick Fuentes – someone who also talks about Jews and supports Donald Trump.

But I’m not endorsing Ron DeSantis.

I’m not endorsing Ron DeSantis because he sucks and is just a shill for the Jews and I probably wouldn’t support him in a primary even if Donald Trump didn’t exist (I guess I might endorse him for president if he was the nominee just because he can’t be as bad as the Democrats).

I do endorse Donald Trump, despite the fact that he betrayed me, despite the fact that he pushed the vax, and despite the fact that he never really did anything as president, simply because he is the best option available. He is the one who is always attacked by the Jews. There are reasons to believe that if he could get in office again, he would be much better than the first time, but even if it was the same as the first time: he reduced total immigration by more than half, he kept the economy running, and he didn’t start any wars. He was also a symbol for white people. Most importantly: he was funny and made life fun, and he just created a hopeful atmosphere.

Frankly, I don’t think it is possible for any Republican to win in 2024. I don’t think it is possible at all, unless the US dollar collapses before then, and that probably won’t happen.

(The dollar is going to collapse, but it won’t collapse until every other currency collapses. The dollar is closer to collapse with every other currency that collapses, but another currency collapsing also temporarily reinforces the dollar. The dollar is still the best of a bad bunch. It’s possible that countries could start pegging their currencies to the yuan, and the yuan is overpowering the dollar on the Russian exchanges already, but then you have the fact that the yuan itself is inextricably linked to the dollar, and China decoupling that would be very painful for the Chinese economy.)

The dollar’s collapse is the thing that matters. Everything changes after that. But before that, I don’t think a fair presidential election is possible. In 2020, they did the most ridiculous election hoax possible, and people did nothing about it, so there is no reason they wouldn’t do that again. There are no consequences. The media could just say “we stole the election” and people wouldn’t do anything. That TIME Magazine article published after the 2020 election basically confessed to hoaxing the election (though it didn’t admit outright voter fraud, it did say that the media organized to suppress Donald Trump voters).

So, I am not going to tell you I think the 2024 election will be fair.

But two things:

  • It’s possible that something crazy will happen and the 2020 election could work out, and
  • Trump is a much better candidate for the election than DeSantis

Everyone agrees that the best Trump was 2015-16 campaign Trump. The campaign got millions of Americans on-board with nationalism and anti-Semitism. It inspired a wave of white identity awareness among normal Republicans. It was a fantastically good thing. So even though I think the 2020 election will be rigged, I want the guy that Jews hate, the guy that says funny things and inspires people, to be the center of attention in the 2024 election season.


Assuming the 2024 election is stolen – and if Trump runs, the only possible way he could lose is through theft – it will further galvanize the people, and will result in my agenda, which is red state secession, or as people are now calling it, “The National Divorce,” becoming much more viable.

If DeSantis is the candidate and has the election stolen from him, he will just concede and say “we’ll get ’em next time.”

This is very, very important. Trump will never admit defeat, and that inspires people.

From every single possible angle, Trump is better than DeSantis. 1000%. There is no excuse for anyone endorsing DeSantis.

The only reason that Alex Jones would endorse DeSantis is that someone told him to do so. Maybe it was easier for him because of the vax thing and the personal betrayal. But he’s not stupid, and he sees all these Never Trump people coalescing around DeSantis.

Again, the last thing I wanted to do is disavow Alex Jones while he is under attack from every side, but this is inexcusable. Saying that DeSantis is better than Trump is at the level of claiming that “Arabs run Hollywood” in terms of shilling.

There are many examples of Alex Jones retracting things. I urge him to retract this and continue to support Donald Trump as the 2024 candidate.


People are attacking me for endorsing Donald Trump. I hope this article helps people understand why I endorse Donald Trump. But I’ve obviously listed all these reasons repeatedly, and people still continue to whine.

And that is what it is: it’s whining. Everyone says things like “oh, how can you support Trump after he betrayed us???” and it is really just like I’m being nagged by a woman.

Here’s the deal: this is not about your personal emotions. If you are engaging in politics based on your personal emotions, you are literally a woman, and you should not be engaging in politics at all. As I explained above, I know very, very well that Trump betrayed us, because he directly betrayed me personally. There is no way he didn’t know the major support role me and my people gave in the 2020 election, and there is no way that he didn’t know that I was at the forefront of censorship. The censoring of Daily Stormer was mentioned directly in an FCC filing about Net Neutrality that was written by FCC head Ajit Pai. The Daily Stormer is the center of any discussion of censorship, because we are the ones that were banned from backbone services.

So yes, believe me – I understand the emotions associated with being betrayed by Donald Trump. I understand it a whole lot better than any rando anon on Twitter or some forum or comments section. Here’s the difference: I’m an adult male and I am not driven by my emotions. I do not make decisions based on my emotions. I make decisions based on what is best for my agenda as a result of logical analysis.

Thus far, not one single person has responded to my arguments in favor of Trump 2024. All I have seen is emotional womanly whining. Maybe there is some kind of logical argument against it that I’ve missed. But I very much doubt it, because surely, someone would have presented it. The fact that every single person attacking Trump 2024 on the internet right chooses these emotional arguments leads me to believe that there is no possible rational argument against what I am saying, because surely, one of these people would have said it.

But it is always: “how can you support Zio-Don who betrayed us??? I can’t believe it!”

I say: “I just explained to you how I can do that. Do you have a counter argument?”

And they just repeat their emotional outrage.

It’s time to be big boys. Things are very serious. Come with the strategy and tactics, or don’t come at all. None of us have time for this whiny crap. We are in an existential war for survival, and we don’t need women and womanized men nagging us.

Just one more time: all rational arguments are welcome. But just look at these people saying this stuff. Try to find the rational argument. You will not find it.