Alex Jones’ Jew Wife Responds to Infowars Article About Israel

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2014

Oh, dear.  Alex has gone full antisemite.
Oh, dear. Alex has gone full Antisemite.

Alex Jones yesterday posted an article about the Gaza conflict – one of the first he’s published since it started, prefering to distract his audience with nonsense about confiscated Landrovers and chemtrails.  The article, by Infowars staffer Kurt Nimmo, didn’t get into any of the vicious details of the ongoing genocide being committed by the Jews, instead focusing on the conspiracy theory that the “globalist agents” in the Israeli government are controlling Hamas, using them for a pretext to attack.

Though it is true that Israel supported Hamas against the PLO a whole long time ago, there is no evidence to indicate that is still happening.  But on Infowars, the fact that they had supported them means they must still be, because that is a fun conspiracy.

The fact of the matter is that any government or military in Gaza would be forced by their own honor to respond to Israeli aggression with whatever weak weapons they can get together.  No Arabs would take being bombed by Jews and just do nothing.  So, maybe Hamas is secretly controlled by Israel as part of some weird conspiracy plot – I don’t know – but if they weren’t, the same thing which is happening now would be happening.

Another one of these incidental conspiracies. Good for skirting real issues, confusing the people with unverifiable possibilities while verifiable slaughter is taking place on a mass scale by the Jew rats.

Anyway, I had so much fun trolling Infowars yesterday that this morning at breakfast, I did a repeat performance.  This time I was joined by Alex Jones’ Jewish wife, Rebecca “Violet” Nichols Jones.

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(Forgive the autocorrect errors. I was on a cellphone. Also, in retrospect, it would have been funnier, perhaps, if I would have used the term “goy toy.”)

Operation: Jew Wife Now in Full Effect

Please, everyone – go do this. You will find many comrades in the struggle to awaken the people, and we will eventually force Jones to completely shut down his comments section.

Alex Jones literally has the nerve to complain constantly about CNN and other mainstream sources covering up the truth, but let’s compare:

CNN's top stories this morning
CNN’s top stories this morning
Infowars' top stories this morning.
Infowars’ top stories this morning.

Who’s kidding who here?

Every single news site in the world has Gaza on the front page, except Alex “Jew Wife” Jones.

Infowars is a bigger disinformation racket than the old mainstream media, which will at least give you a little bit of truth.

Give him hell, comrades.