AMC Cancels Release of Documentary About Trannies Who Regret Becoming Trannies

People who become trannies either say they regret it and do their best to go back to being normal at some point in their lives (usually a few years after becoming a tranny), or they kill themselves.

There are no other possible outcomes.

There are not going to be any 50-year-old trannies.

There is now a full army of former trannies who do not appreciate being turned into trannies, and the key job of the media is to cover that all up.

New York Post:

A documentary featuring the journey of several detransitioners scheduled to hit the big screen this week was scrapped by AMC after activists mounted a pressure campaign to stop the film’s screening.

The major movie theater chain canceled showings of “No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care” yet producers of the film are claiming AMC caved to the demands of a transgender advocacy group called Queer Trans Project, according to Fox News.

The documentary was scheduled to be released in select theaters on June 21 for one day.

One of the detransitioners in the film panned the cancellation during an interview with Fox News.

“I think it’s incredibly dangerous to set this precedent of suppressing free speech, suppressing viewpoints that basically are just unpopular or difficult to deal with,” Laura Becker said.

The 90-minute film claims to feature the stories of detransitioners, as well as a dozen experts in related fields. Press materials for the film say it examines the risks and long-term implications of gender-affirming medication.

AMC did not reply to multiple news outlets’ requests for comment, but a source familiar with the matter told Fox News the cancellation was due to poor ticket sales.

The Queer Trans Project over the weekend cheered the decision by AMC.

I don’t know why they thought they would be able to get away with releasing this.

At this point, it’s basically like making a documentary proving the Holocaust didn’t happen.