America is Full of Highly Toxic Plastic Containers Deemed a “Serious Threat to Public Health”

I just want to point out one more time that The Guardian is the only major paper that reports this stuff.

All of the major papers in the United States do nothing but talk about how carbon dioxide is a pollutant, even though that is totally a lie.

The Jews think that talking about plastic – which is a real problem and a problem that would be relatively easy to solve – distracts from the global warming hoax.

Global warming is a fake problem and also completely impossible to solve without shutting down all of civilization. The windmills do not work.

The Guardian:

Consumer groups are blasting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing plastic containers made with toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” to continue being distributed across the economy even though the agency is suing the manufacturer over the dangerous compounds leaching into containers’ contents, such as food or personal care products.

The groups are now intervening in the lawsuit and regulatory proceedings between the EPA and Inhance Technologies, which they estimate produces about 200m PFAS-contaminated plastic containers annually.

A review of regulatory documents, court filings and patent applications shows Inhance appears to have repeatedly lied to regulators and customers about whether its containers shed PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) into products stored in them.

Still, the EPA and the US Department of Justice have not pointed out the company’s inconsistencies in court, and the groups questioned whether industry influence at the EPA is playing a role in the agency’s decision-making.

Yes, “industry influence” – better known as “regulatory capture” and “the revolving door” and “bribery” – plays a role in every decision of every US government agency.

America is the most corrupt country in the world. No other people tolerate this level of corruption. But in America, it’s our values because we are a democracy in a rules-based order.

Last week, the groups formally asked the EPA to order Inhance to stop distributing the containers, and will soon file a motion asking a judge to do the same while highlighting the company’s inconsistent statements.

It’s a serious and ongoing threat to public health,” said Bob Sussman, an attorney representing the consumer groups. “It involves not only the demonstrated hazards of the PFAS that are in the containers, but the huge number of containers and their economy-wide uses.”

Inhance treats plastic containers with fluorinated gas to create a barrier that helps keep products from degrading. The consumer groups and regulators have found the process creates long-chain PFAS as a byproduct. EPA rules implemented in 2020 require companies manufacturing long-chain PFAS to submit for a safety review and approval.

The EPA seemed unaware that PFAS were being added to plastic containers until late 2020 testing by Peer found high levels of PFAS in pesticides stored in Inhance bins. The subsequent EPA investigation unearthed wide-scale contamination of plastic containers.

In January 2021, the EPA subpoenaed Inhance for information about its fluorination process and publicly reminded the plastic industry that companies must submit for a safety review if they manufacture long-chain PFAS. In July 2021, the Guardian reported on the use of PFAS in industrial containers that hold ingredients for food, essential oils and other products.

So this is all processed foods. They are using these containers in the process of making the foods, and that means they’re very often putting hot ingredients in these containers before preparing and packaging them.

Never eat processed foods.

At a meeting with the EPA in September 2021, Inhance dismissed the agency’s evidence showing its containers leached PFAS into pesticides by claiming the chemicals came from the pesticide.

The EPA disagreed, issuing a March 2022 violation notice that ordered Inhance to “immediately cease” production, if it had not yet eliminated the PFAS contamination. Two weeks later, Inhance put out a press release stating it was “pleased to announce” its products did not “impart” long-chain PFAS. The company, at the time, did not cease production or submit its fluorination process for review.

Using information obtained from the violation notice, the EPA wrote in an 8 September 2022 report that additional testing again found “[Inhance’s] container walls leached [PFAS] into the contents of the container”.

Around the same time, Inhance informed the EPA that it would finally submit its fluorination process for review, but refused to cease production. Still, the EPA did not file a lawsuit or alert the public, or press Inhance to halt production.

In a September webinar aimed at customers, Inhance again publicly claimed its products did not leach PFAS: “Our chemistry does not impart any of these [PFAS] that the EPA is concerned about, and never has … We are not sure where EPA thinks it’s seeing [PFAS] species but it’s not from Inhance.”

But officials at Inhance likely knew those statements were untrue. In documents submitted to the EPA just two months later, the company admitted it had known since January 2021 that its fluorination process created nine long-chain PFAS, which it wrote was “an apparently unavoidable aspect of fluorination of [high-density polyethylene] containers”.

In a serious country, these people would all go to prison.

We do not live in a serious country, however.

You really do need to be aware of this plastic stuff on a personal level.

Avoid processed foods and as much as possible avoid foods packaged in plastic.

You can’t avoid all of it, but if you care about your health at all, you need to do your best.

The worst is having something hot in plastic. Room temperature stuff in plastic bags is not that big of a deal, comparatively.

The government forced the public to take a deadly experimental gene therapy to fight a fake pandemic. They do not care about your health.