Cargo Ship Still on Fire After Days Because of Electric Cars, Towed to Temporary Location

Previously: Burning Cargo Ship Filled with Stupid Electric Cars Still Drifting at Sea, Burning

Don’t endless fires that can’t be put out by water cause warmth?

Because I would just assume…

You know, being a pleb, incapable of understanding the true nature of the science, I associate fire with warmth.


A burning car carrier off the Dutch coast has been towed to a new location away from shipping lanes as part of an operation to salvage the ship, the Dutch public works and water management ministry and local media said on Monday.

The freighter, which was travelling from Germany to Egypt when the blaze broke out on July 26, was towed to a location north of the Dutch islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, the Rijkswaterstaat ministry said in a statement.

The fire on the Panamanian-registered Fremantle Highway, which was carrying new cars, resulted in the death of an Indian crew member and the injury of seven who jumped overboard to escape the flames. Japan’s Shoei Kisen, which owns the ship, said the entire crew of 21 was Indian.

Ship charter company “K” Line said on Friday there were 3,783 vehicles on board the ship – including 498 battery electric vehicles, significantly more than the 25 initially reported.

It is so nuts that they are producing all of these giant poisonous batteries that can never be destroyed in the name of an environmental crisis that doesn’t exist.

It would be good for some satire story. Creating a real crisis based on the delusion of a fake crisis.